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The Talkative Turtle Kids story



The Talkative Turtle

A long time ago, there was a turtle that lived near a pond in a forest. One day he meets a pair of swans who were having a drink from the pond.

“Hello, isn’t it a beautiful day?” Turtle asked, “Hello, where do you live?” swans replied, the Turtle replied “Not so far from here”, we haven’t seen you before, swans asked, “oh, that’s because I mostly stay at home” responded by the turtle.


The turtle and swans became very good friends and spent a lot of time together they took a long walk in the forest, they also spent time near the pond or in the pond time passed happily for both of them.

Suddenly scarcity hit the large forest, the animals started dying, the pond and river dried up; as the animals and birds of the forest were dying; they began leaving the forest in search of food and water.


Even swans decided to find a better palace with food and water to live in, but before leaving, they visited the turtle; swans said, “Goodbye, my dear friend, we are leaving the forest, life has become very difficult to live here we wish you good luck. “

After hearing this turtle start crying and said: “What! You are leaving me in this time of trouble? What kind of friends are you? I am so scared please take with me you “.

After hearing this, the swan was sad; the swans said, “How can we take you” the turtle said, “I know I know I could not fly, but I have a plan.”

Get one strong stick and hold it in your beaks. I will hold it in my mouth. Then you can fly carrying me with you.

The two swans were happy after hearing this plan and went out in search of a strong stick. After searching for some time, they got a strong stick that could carry the turtle easily.

Swans brought the stick and warn the turtle you must remember not to speak during this journey, if you open your mouth a little bit, you will fall down.

Yes, of course, I’m not a fool; said the turtle. Well, okay, then let us go, swan said, I have found a beautiful pond. I hope you will love it. We can live together as we did here it will be great.

They started their journey to the new house. The turtle was very happy and remembered the warning which swans gave.


Soon they were flying over a significant playground. A group of children gathered and started clapping. The foolish turtle forgets that he was hanging dangerously.

 He felt sudden anger, and to shout back, and he opened his mouth. There and then, he lost his hold on the stick and fell down on the ground, and died instantaneously.

MORAL: – One should have control over its anger and should know when to speak.

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