Crow and the Snake Story for Kids


Overview Of The Story- The Crow and the Snake is the story of a cunning snake that eats crows’ eggs. But the crow’s friend, a sensible fox, gets the crow out of that snake. Read the full story of Crow and the Snake below to know how the driver fox does this.

Crow and the Snake Story

Once upon a time, a crew was living in its nest on the top of a tree in a forest. A snake was also living a bit under the same tree.

The crow once hatched eggs; one day, the crow felt hungry. So it went outside in search of its prey.

That giant snake came out of its pit slowly. It crawled up the tree until it reached the nest of the crow. Its mouth watered as it saw the crow’s eggs. The snake ate both of the eggs.

After a few hours, the crow returned to its nest. The crow saw that someone had eaten the eggs.

The crow felt very sad and started thinking about who ate its eggs; then it planned to trap and trace the culprit.

The second time the crow hatched eggs; this time, the crow did not go away. He hid inside the cavity of the tree because he wanted to find out who had eaten his eggs.

The snake living under the tree came out of its pit at noon. It slowly crept, crawled, and climbed up the tree until it reached the nest of the crow. Its mouth watered as it saw the crow’s eggs and ate the eggs.

The Crow was shocked and came out of its hiding place and yelled, “Hey! how dare you do that?”

Snake replied, “Who’s that?” Oh, are you still here? How dare you eat my eggs? “Are you not ashamed of your deed?” Crow yelled again. 

“Why should I? “I felt hungry, so I made your eggs my prey,” the snake replied with a cunning smile.

Crow shouted in anger, “Don’t repeat this again; otherwise, I’ll kill you.”

“Do whatever you want, I least bother,” the snake replied.

The crow started crying, remembering her eggs; simultaneously, it saw its friend, the fox, coming. The crow went down the tree and started crying again. 

Fox asked, “Hey! Friend, what happened? Why are you crying? “

Crow replied, “a culling snake has eaten up my eggs. I want to punish him, but I am helpless.”

“Don’t worry, my dear crow, I am here to help you.

Crow wiped his tear and asked, “How can you help me Fox.” 

I’ve got a plan for you.

Okay, tell me. Crow eagerly asked.

My dear friend, you should go to the bathing pond of the princess of this country. She will remove her necklace and keep it on the pond’s bank before bathing. At that time, take the necklace and bring it here, and drop it in the snake’s pit. 

“If I can take the necklace and drop it in the snakes pit what will happen.” Crow surprisingly asked.

Do as I say, then watch the results. The crow flew away and went near the bathing pond of the princess. It took the necklace, and the princess shouted, “Help! Help! This crow picked my necklace, and all the servants were alarmed, so they followed the crow.

The crow dropped the necklace into the snake’s pit and flew away.

Without knowing the situation, the snake peeped out with the necklace around its neck; on seeing this, all the princess’s servants beat it to death with their sticks, then they went and took the necklace off of its neck.

The crow felt very happy that all its sorrows had ended on seeing this. The crow then thanked its friend, the fox, for the timely help.

After that, the crow laid eggs and lived happily ever after.

The moral of the crow and snake story is that friendship is proven in adversity.

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