The Magical Rabbit | Moral Story

The Magical Rabbit

A boy named Anuj used to live in a village with his grandfather. Anuj was a very ruthless boy. He often captured small animals and imprisoned them in cages.

One day, when Anuj went to his house, he saw a beautiful sparrow.

Wow! How beautiful is this sparrow? Let me capture her. After saying this, Anuj moved toward the sparrow to catch her, but she ran away. Sparrow laughed and said, “Regardless of how skilful you are at catching animals, you can never catch me.”

Anuj responded, “You don’t know me; that’s why you are saying this,” and started roaming behind that sparrow all over the village, finally succeeding in catching it.

You were speaking a lot earlier. What happens now? I agree that you are very clever and intelligent and can catch birds and animals easily, but please let me go. My family would be waiting for me. Anuj did not listen to her. Even after requesting a million times, he imprisoned her in a cage.

After a few days, he and his grandfather cooked and ate her. The time goes by like this, and his violence against the animals increases daily. One day, he went with his grandfather to explore the forest, where he saw a beautiful rabbit. As he tries to catch him, the owl sitting on the tree warns him not to try to catch him, and he has so much magical power. Anuj ignored the owl’s warning.

The Magical Rabbit

He moved forward and caught the rabbit. Where is your magic rabbit? I have caught him and will eat him once I reach home. As Anuj said, a bright light appears, and that small rabbit turns into a huge rabbit. Now Anuj was in the hands of the rabbit.

Seeing himself in the custody of the rabbit, he tries hard to rescue himself, but the rabbit does not leave him. Anuj begged, “Please forgive me.” I will never do anything wrong with you. The rabbit replied angrily, “When you have never had mercy on any animal, how can you expect it from me?”

When he sees his grandson captured in the hands of a giant rabbit, his grandfather tries to beat him with his stick. Still, an ordinary stick does not harm him even after beating him for a long time, and the rabbit grabs him too in his hands. Anuj begged while crying, “Please leave my grandpa… I was the one who did all the wrong things. You can do anything you want with me but leave my grandpa.”

Rabbit said, “I know you are the one who used to catch the animals, but your grandfather also used to kill them and eat them.”

I promise that I will not hurt or bother any animal in the future. Please forgive and leave us.

Even after pleading a lot, the rabbit does not make them free and takes him to a magical world where many huge and powerful rabbits like him are already present. After reaching there, the rabbit imprisoned them in a big cage. Anuj and his grandfather got scared; they tried to escape but failed. Every time they begged him for their life, the rabbit left them hungry and thirsty until they died.

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