The Magic Horse | Arabian Nights Story

Magic Horse

It was a long time ago that a young man from India was traveling around the world on his magic horse. While roaming, he reached Persia, where he saw the beautiful palace of the Sultan of Persia. The young man landed his magic horse over the Sultan’s palace. The Sultan of Persia loved adventurers and always liked unique things. The Sultan was astonished to see the handsome young man and his magical flying horse.

He asked the young man “O young man, where have you come from?” “I am from India,” replied the young man proudly. “Would you like to sell me this horse?” asked the Sultan again. “Yes, but only on the condition that you will marry the princess to me,” replied the young man. In an instant, the Sultan agreed to the marriage. “But first my son will ride on a horse!” The young man immediately said yes to this matter.

Hearing this, the prince immediately got on the horse and pulled the bridle with both hands. In no time, the horse carrying the prince flew up into the sky, out of sight. The Sultan and the courtier are very happy to see this. A couple of hours passed. When the prince did not return, the Sultan became worried. “It’s all because of you,” he shouted at the young man. I don’t know where your horse took my son.” The young man was sent to jail.

In the meantime, the prince was unable to control the horse that was flying through the air. Although he tried very hard to stop the horse by pulling the reins, the horse kept running in the air. The prince lost his way and wandered in endless space.

Then after several days, the prince finally managed to find his kingdom. When the prince came back, the Sultan’s happiness knew no bounds. Now he ordered the young man to be freed. When the young man was freed by the king, he decided to avenge his insult to the Sultan.

One day it was a coincidence that the princess fell ill. Many doctors tried to treat him but to no avail. The Sultan announced a very high reward for anyone who heals his beloved daughter. The young man thought “this is a good opportunity to take revenge on the Sultan.”

The young man, putting on his dress and appearance like a doctor, approached the Sultan, and said “I can cure the princess, Sultan. Just bring me the magic horse brought by that Indian youth.” The king immediately ordered the guards to bring the horse there. The young man sat beside the ailing prince and started chanting some magical mantras.

Within a short time, the princess got better and started jumping with joy. She was cured of her illness! Everyone cheered loudly for that young man. The Sultan was very happy to see this. But before anyone could understand what was happening, the young man, disguised as a doctor, got on his horse and dragged the princess on him. Then in the blink of an eye, the horse flew up in the sky, carrying the young man and the princess away. In this way, the young man took revenge on the Sultan, got his magic horse back, and also married the princess.

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