Ali and His ungrateful Brothers: Arabian Nights

Ali and His ungrateful Brothers: Arabian Nights

Once upon a time, there lived three brothers named Ali, Hassim, and Khaleel. After the death of their father, they decided to divide his wealth into three equal parts and carry out the work of their choice.

Hassim and Khaleel said to each other, “Let’s explore the world together and see what’s around us. There will surely be plenty of opportunities for us to discover.” And so, they set out on their journey. Ali decided to start some business and stayed home.

Time rolled on and Ali’s business flourished. As a result, he had a lot of luxuries at his disposal and lived quite comfortably. Soon, he found a kind hearted and wise maiden named Laila. They married and started living together happily. Laila proved to be a loving wife. Additionally, she was an expert magician as well.

One day, Ali was working in his shop. He saw two beggars coming toward him. He took out some coins to give to them. Ali extended the coins to the beggars as soon as they approached him.

Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice. “Look up, Ali. We are your brothers.”

And when he looked up, he saw his two brothers Hassim and Khaleel standing before him. Their misfortune had made them look like beggars. Ali was shocked to see their plight. I do not know how this happened. I would never have imagined that you would be in this situation, said Ali. As Hassim put it: “We lost all that we had, O Brother. Our business failed, and we were reduced to living in such conditions,” he said.

You don’t have to worry, brother. It’s good that you came here. I have everything that you need. Come, let’s go home,” he said. After that, he took his brothers home with him. Hassim and Khaleel had delicious food after a long time. Laila looked after them well. Ali was generous towards his brothers. As he handed them five hundred gold coins each, he told them, “Start some new business and settle down here, brothers.”

Hassim said, “We have a plan to go east. Why don’t you come along with us, Ali? Bring Laila also. We shall live and prosper together.” Khaleel also backed up Hassim’s idea. In response to their request, Ali and Laila agreed to do so.

And all of them set off on a ship. Actually, Hassim and Khaleel had wicked plans to kill Ali on the voyage and usurp all his wealth. Laila suspected the two brothers. With the help of her magical powers, she could read their minds. And she was not wrong. On the ship, Hassim and Khaleel pushed Ali into the sea.

Laila was alert at the time. With the help of her magical powers, she managed to pull Ali out of the water. They reached the shore safely. Then Laila cast a spell on the two evil brothers. When Ali and Laila returned home, they found two dogs sitting outside their door. They were tied with chains around their necks.

“Where did these dogs come from?” wondered Ali. Laila said, “They are none other than your ungrateful brothers, Hassim and Khaleel. I have turned them into dogs.” Ali requested Laila to bring them back to their original form. It would be impossible for me to do that, because once the spell is cast, it is bound to last for the stipulated period of time. These two dogs will remain dogs for the next ten years,” she said.

Ali then decided to keep the two dogs with him. He looked after them with love and care. Days passed. Finally, after ten years of living as dogs, the two dogs were able to return to their human forms. Hassim and Khaleel regretted their unkind behavior. Having realized their mistake, they made a promise to be honest and kind in the future. They remained happily together for a long time.

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