Prince Hussein and Princess Margiana | Arabian Nights Story

Prince Hussein and Princess Margiana

A long time ago, there was a king named King Khazar. In every way, his kingdom prospered. King Khazar led a peaceful life, but his son, Prince Hussein, refused to marry. The handsome prince refused to budge no matter how many maidens and princesses tried to entice him. At the same time, King Dawood ruled the neighboring kingdom. King Dawood was also worried about the same thing. Margiana, his beautiful daughter, was not interested in marriage.

For quite some time, King Khazar had been trying to convince Prince Hussein to get married. After getting angry, the king banished the prince from the kingdom. In order to live outside of the kingdom, the prince moved into a palace. In the meantime, some kind fairies were watching the prince and wanted to unite him with Princess Margiana. In the middle of the night as the princess slept, the fairies carried her to the palace where the prince had been exiled. During that time, the prince was fast asleep. The fairies gently seated the princess beside the prince. After some time, the prince got up and was shocked to see a beautiful young girl sleeping next to him!

The prince, however, found this shock pleasant. As he fell back to sleep, he thought, “Her beauty is unmatched. She is the one I will marry.” An hour later, the princess woke up. The same thing happened to her. “How did I come here?” But when she saw the prince sleeping beside her, she thought, “No one else but this handsome young man shall be my life partner.” The princess then fell asleep. The fairies safely carried the princess back to her palace after some time!

Next day, Prince Hussein returned to his father to tell him what had happened. ‘Father, I wish to marry only that maiden!” the prince pleaded. A neighboring kingdom’s princess Margiana also pleaded with King Dawood, “O Father, I saw a prince last night, and I want to marry him.” King Dawood thought his daughter had gone crazy. He declared, “Anyone who cures the princess shall be richly rewarded.” The fairy folk flew to prince Hussein.

They told him that the maiden he saw was princess Margiana and how they had brought her to his palace that night. ‘You can cure the princess, prince. Hurry up!’ said the fairies. “I and only I can cure your daughter, your majesty!” Prince Hussein said to the king. The king was willing to fulfill any condition for his beloved daughter.

‘Anything you ask, young man. Just cure my daughter from her madness,’ the king begged. I would like to marry your daughter,” the prince requested. The king agreed to it. He then led prince Hussein into princess Margiana’s chamber. Princess jumped up in joy when she saw the prince. Later, King Khazar too gave his consent for the marriage of the prince and the princess. Princess Margiana was married amid lavish pomp and gaiety. Their lives were filled with happiness together.

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