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Jackal and Fighting

Jackal and Fighting Goats Podcast

Once upon a time, a jackal was passing by a village in search of food. Only then did he see a large crowd gathered near the village market. Out of curiosity, the jackal entered the crowd and stepped inside; he wanted to know what was happening there and why there was such a crowd.


The jackal was surprised to see two huge goats fighting. There was a tremendous fight between those two goats, and neither was ready to give up. All the village people were shouting, clapping, and encouraging those goats. People were betting on the victory and defeat of those two goats. 


Seeing the people’s enthusiasm, both goats were filled with new enthusiasm and began fighting with new zeal; they were bleeding profusely, and their blood was scattered on the road.


The jackal, who was already hungry, could not contain himself at the sight of so much fresh blood. His hunger got more intense, and he started licking that fresh blood. The jackal didn’t look at the blood even after licking it, so he attacked those two goats without a second thought.


The jackal had become weak due to hunger, and both goats were very strong. He started beating the jackal fiercely for attacking him like this, and in a short while, the jackal collapsed on the spot.

The moral of the story is that we shouldn’t act out of greed; instead, we should think about what will happen before we do anything.

Jackal and Fighting Goats

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