The Falcon and the Hen: Panchatantra Story


Once upon a time, in a beautiful countryside, there lived a falcon and a hen. They were very different from each other. The falcon was a wild bird, free to fly wherever he wanted. The hen, on the other hand, had a home with kind masters who took care of her.

One day, the falcon and the hen started talking. The falcon said to the hen, “You are an ungrateful bird.” The hen was surprised and asked, “Why do you say that?” The falcon explained, “Your masters give you food and take care of you, but when they come to catch you, you fly away and hide. That’s not very grateful of you. Even though I am a wild bird, I am always grateful to those who are kind to me.”

The hen felt a little sad and replied, “But you don’t understand. I have seen many of my friends being cooked and eaten by people. If you were in my place, you would also be scared and fly away. I can only fly from one corner to another to stay safe.”

The falcon paused and realized that he had judged the hen too quickly. He had never experienced the fear and danger that hens faced. He felt sorry and said, “You are right, and I am sorry for judging you. I didn’t know your whole story.”

From that day on, the falcon and the hen became good friends. They learned to respect and understand each other’s differences. The falcon learned to appreciate the hen’s bravery, and the hen learned to understand the falcon’s freedom.

They started exploring the countryside together. The falcon would fly high in the sky, and the hen would follow him on the ground. They saw beautiful trees, rivers, and flowers. They met other animals too, and the falcon introduced the hen to his friends.

One day, while they were flying together, they saw a group of people trying to catch the hen. The falcon quickly flew down and scared the people away. The hen was amazed and grateful. She said to the falcon, “Thank you for saving me! I now understand that even though we are different, we can help and protect each other.”

The falcon smiled and replied, “That’s true, my friend. We may have different lives, but we can still be kind and understanding to one another.”

And so, the falcon and the hen continued their adventures together, always supporting and caring for each other. They became an example to all the animals in the countryside, showing them that friendship and understanding can overcome any differences.

The moral of this story is: “Do not judge without understanding the whole story.” It is important to remember that everyone has their own experiences and struggles. By being open-minded and empathetic, we can build strong friendships and create a world full of kindness and understanding.

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