In the vibrant kingdom of Bengal, during the reign of King Krishnachandra, there lived a jester named Gopal Bhand. Renowned for his quick wit and humorous tales, Gopal was not only a source of entertainment but also a trusted advisor to the king. His clever jests often contained nuggets of wisdom that guided the monarch’s decisions.

Nestled amidst the lush landscape of Bengal was the royal orchard, a place of abundance with its bountiful fruit trees, especially the revered jackfruit trees. Jackfruit was Gopal’s absolute favorite, and his mouth would water at the mere thought of those ripe, succulent treasures.

Gopal had an eccentricity, however. Instead of directly approaching King Krishnachandra to request some jackfruit, he waited with bated breath for the king to remember his fondness for this fruit. He reasoned that if the king truly cared about his preferences, he would surely send him a few jackfruits.

But as the days passed, Gopal’s silent anticipation bore no fruit, quite literally. The king never mentioned sending him any jackfruit. However, the courtiers were well aware of Gopal’s passion for the fruit, and they often couldn’t resist a jest at his expense.

“Surely,” one would say, “the king knows of your love for jackfruit. Why hasn’t he sent any your way?”

Gopal, ever the enigmatic jester, would reply with a sly grin, “Ah, but my dear friends, the king is a wise ruler. He makes his own choices. Who am I to impose my wishes on him?”

His fellow courtiers persisted, “But Gopal, you are his favorite, are you not?”

With a twinkle in his eye, Gopal responded, “Indeed, I hold a special place in the king’s court, but I would never presume to overstep my bounds.”

The banter continued as they teased him, but Gopal held his ground. His peculiar condition for receiving the much-desired jackfruit remained unspoken. He was determined to get it his way, without directly asking the king.

Meanwhile, the king’s orchard was flourishing, and the jackfruits grew ripe and tantalizing. Gopal’s patience was wearing thin, and he was growing tired of waiting for the king’s benevolence. He decided it was time to take matters into his own hands.

Gopal devised a plan, a challenge for his fellow courtiers. He gathered them and said, “I propose a wager. If I can get jackfruit from the king, each of you must buy me a jackfruit from the market. But if I fail, I’ll buy each of you a jackfruit.”

The courtiers, amused by the audacity of his proposal, readily accepted the challenge, thinking it would be impossible for Gopal to win.

The next day, Gopal was conspicuously absent from the royal court. King Krishnachandra, concerned for his witty jester, inquired, “Where is Gopal today? He’s never late. Has something befallen him?”

One courtier reassured the king, “Your Majesty, I saw him last night, and he was in good health.”


However, the king remained unsettled and contemplated sending a messenger to Gopal’s residence to ensure all was well.

Just as the king was about to dispatch the messenger, Gopal made a theatrical entrance, causing a commotion in the court. His long whiskers, usually neatly groomed, were now soaked in oil, with droplets of oil staining the floor as he walked.

“Gopal,” the king asked, “why are you late today? Is there a reason for your peculiar appearance?”

Gopal replied calmly, “Your Majesty, I apologize for my tardiness. I was on an important mission to procure oil.”

The king was puzzled, “Oil, you say? And why, may I ask, did you need oil urgently this morning?”

Gopal leaned in, his eyes gleaming with mischief, “Your Highness, I required this oil to apply to my whiskers.”

Perplexed, the king inquired further, “Your whiskers? But what purpose could oiling your whiskers serve?”

With a sly grin, Gopal replied, “Well, Your Majesty, I heard that wise and generous individuals often share their blessings with others, especially the bounty from their orchards. I thought it would be a fitting tribute to the jackfruit in your royal orchard.”

The king burst into laughter at Gopal’s cleverness. It was evident that the jester had won the bet and earned the coveted jackfruit from the royal orchard.

The amused king summoned his gardener and ordered that two jackfruits be given to each person in the court, honoring Gopal’s condition and fulfilling his desire for the sweet, succulent fruit.

As Gopal received the prized jackfruits, he couldn’t help but chuckle at the courtiers’ perplexed expressions. He had orchestrated the perfect plan, proving that cleverness and humor could win unexpected rewards.

And so, with a belly full of jackfruit and a heart full of satisfaction, Gopal Bhand continued to entertain the court with his wit, knowing that his whisker strategy had outwitted the king and his fellow courtiers, leaving them all in stitches.


Cleverness can lead to unexpected rewards, and sometimes, a little humor can go a long way in solving problems.

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