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Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson was the greatest explorer whose dreams never came true. He was an English navigator and explorer who repeatedly tried to find the route from Europe to Asia without success. Hudson is considered a person who was responsible for the founding of New York City and is also considered one of the founding figures of Canada because he discovers Hudson Bay. He was born in England around 1565. He was a skilled seller and navigator.

Who is Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson was the greatest sea explorer and navigator during the early 17th century, known for his great discovery and explorations of present-day Canada and parts of the northeastern United States.

He was also a seller and for the first two voyages in 1607 and 1608, he sailed for England on a ship named Hopewell, for both voyages he was looking for the Northeast passage to the Orient. For his third voyage in 1609, he sailed for the Dutch.

He also tried to find an overseas trade route from Europe to Asia while captaining three distinct sea voyages in the early 1600s. He established a fur trading business for most of its history.

Henry Hudson Early life

Nothing is known about Henry’s early life for certain. His birth year is estimated between 1560 and 1570. He was born in London and it is possible that his father was known to be an alderman of that city.

When Henry first entered the historical record in 1607, he was an experienced mariner with sufficient credentials to be commissioned the leader of an expedition charged with a search for a trade route across the North Pole.

Henry Hudson Exploration and Discoveries

In 1607, An England company named Muscovy Company hired Hudson to find a northerly route to the Pacific coast 0f Asia. At that time the English were engaged in a battle with Dutch for the control over northwest routes.

It was predicted that because of the summer, the ice would disappear in the northern latitude and it will be easier for the ship to surpass the northern latitude without any difficulty.

On 1 May 1607, Hudson started his sail with a crew of 10 men and 1 boy on the ship named Hopewell weighed up to 80 tons. On May 27th they reach the mouth of great bay Hudson later named the “Great In draught”

 On 13th July 1607, Henry and his crew estimated that they had sailed till far as north. They sailed for the next days in North itself. On 16th July 1607, they reached as far as Hakluyt’s Headland which was named by Henry on this voyage. But due to ice packed along the north coast Henry Hudson and his crew were forced to return south.

Henry wanted to return north of Greenland to Davis his Straights and so on the Kingdom of England but keeping the ice conditions in mind he couldn’t follow the route. So, they returned on 15th September 1607.

 In 1608, the Muscovy Company and English merchant again sent Henry on a sail with the same ship Hopewell to locate the passage of the Indies but this time to the east around northern Russia. They reached the Arctic and again returned because of the ice they were surprised because they were thinking that the ice would have melted in the summer season but the ice remained unaffected even in the summer season.

 Henry in 1608 discovered an island he named “Hudson’s Tutches “However Henry’s main aim was to reach Asia but he was unsuccessful in reaching his goal however he did explore Greenland, the North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland, and parts of North America and he famously sailed up the Hudson River which is presently known as Albany, New York.

Henry Hudson failed to discover the route of the passage to the Orient however he discovered the Hudson River, Hudson Bay, New York City, and the Hudson strait.

Henry Hudson parkway

The Henry Hudson parkway is 10.95 miles (17.62km) long and is situated in New York City. The southern terminus is in Manhattan at 72nd street which continues the parkway in the south as the west side highway.

It is mostly mistakenly referred to as the west side highway throughout its entire course in Manhattan. In addition, the entirety of the parkway is designated New York State Route 907V.

When was Henry Hudson born and died

Henry Hudson was born in c.1565, England-died after June 22, 1611, near Hudson Bay though his body was not founded.

 His death was also a Mistry he died during a voyage into Hudson Bay begun in 1610 among his crew. Henry Hudson with this son and seven others were set adrift in a small boat in June 1611 but nothing definitive is known about what happened to them during their voyage. 

What is Henry Hudson famous for?

Henry Hudson was an English explorer and navigator whose aim was to find either a northeast passage “by the north pole to Japan and china” or a Northwest passage. Although neither the passage was found his attempts contributed significantly to the navigational geography of North America and many others.

He is also best known for his discovery of two bodies of water later named after him name the Hudson River in the present day it is known as New York and Hudson bay along the Arctic coast of the present day known as Canada.

Henry Hudson rout

Henry Hudson in his lifespan made four voyages historians are aware of in the year 1607, 1608, 1609, and 1610-11. But he never found a route in Canada, Hudson strait and Hudson Bay are named after him name as well as the Hudson River in New York City.

Henry Hudson legacy

The gulf of bay visited by Hudson is three times bigger than the size of the Baltic Sea and its many large estuaries afford access to otherwise landlocked parts of Arctic and Western Canada. This permitted Hudson’s bay company to exploit a lucrative fur trade along its shores for more than 2 centuries, gaining power enough to influence the history and present international boundaries of western North America.

Hudson strait was the entrance to the Arctic for all ships following the Northwest Passage from the Atlantic side except that the modern voyage takes more northerly routes.

Not only Hudson bay but many other topographical features and landmarks are named after Hudson. The Hudson River in New Jersey and New York is named after his name as Henry Hudson Bridge, Hudson County, New Jersey, the Henry Hudson Parkway, and the town of Hudson, New York. The hotel which was unbuilt named Hendrik Hudson Hotel in New York was also named after him but after ten years it was bearing the name of the person who constructed it.

Henry Hudson ship

Henry in his career did four voyages he sailed on three different vessels the Hopewell, Half-moon, and the Discovery in his attempts to find a Northwest and Northeast passage.

From these three ships, he sailed his ship named Hopewell for his first and second voyage. Half-moon was sailed for the third voyage and the Discovery was sailed for the last voyage.

How did Henry Hudson impact the world?

Henry contributed significantly to our understanding of the geography of North America, especially the waterways located towards the northeastern. The rivers which he had discovered mostly bear his names like the Hudson River, Hudson Strait, and Hudson Bay.

Why was Henry Hudson successful

Henry was a complete navigator who materially extended the discovery and exploration of Davis, Verrazzano, and Batents. He contributed great knowledge to geographical studies and his discoveries formed the basis for the Dutch colonization and Canada to claim much for English.

What was Henry Hudson’s biggest obstacle?

The biggest obstacle Henry and his crew faced was lacking food or supplies, they sailed mostly in the extreme cold. The crew was blaming Henry for their misfortune and on 22 June 1611, with summer they mutinied against Henry. The Discovery later arrived in England and the whole crew was arrested for the mutiny.

Was Henry Hudson ever found?

The body of Henry was never found it will remain a Mistry to us to know whether the captain was murdered or given a more subtle death sentence in the hard environment of northern Canada

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