Kunti Short Story | Indian Mythological Story

Kunti Short Story

It is an old story that there was a king named Bhoj, whose daughter was Kunti. Once, a very angry and irritable sage named Durvasa visited the palace of King Bhoj as a guest. Kunti took exemplary care of Sage Durvasa, day and night. Sage Durvasa, known for always getting angry and swearing, was also pleased with Kunti’s behaviour and hospitality, so he gave her a boon.

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Sage Durvasa said, “Kunti, whenever else you call upon any deity, he will be compelled to appear before you because of my boon and will bestow you with a son.” After giving the boon, the sage Durvasa left from there. Kunti decides to test the boon to see if she has received it. Kunti immediately returns to her room and locks the door to keep this a secret.

Kunti was sitting at the window of her room, thinking about which deity to call for the test. When her eyes fell on the sunlight coming into the room, she decided to call the Sun God. Kunti appealed to the Sun God. Immediately, the Sun God appeared with a light that dazzled the eyes.

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On seeing Surya Dev, Kunti spoke politely to him, “God, please go back!” I was trying to see if the boon worked, but God Sun was bound by the boon and hesitated to go back. Manifested. Due to the blessing, Kunti gave birth to a child right away.

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After this, the sun god immediately disappeared, and Kunti started crying, thinking, “What shall I do with this child?” I am not even a married man yet! Kunti’s blessing became her curse! He drowned the child born with the boon of Suryadev in the river. Later, he was known as Karna, the greatest and most powerful warrior of his time.

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Later, Kunti married Pandu, the king of Hastinapur. Pandu was suffering from a curse, because of which he could never become a father. Kunti then had to obtain sons using her god-calling abilities. Dharmaraj, Vayudev, and Indra came and gave him three sons. Using Kunti’s boon, Pandu’s second wife, Madri, also got two sons from two Ashwini Kumaras.

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Kunti Short Story

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