8 Best Poems on the Rainbow for Kids


Rainbows are a beautiful and magical natural phenomenon that have inspired poets for centuries. Rainbow poems for kids typically focus on the vivid colors and the feelings of joy and wonder that rainbows evoke. These poems are usually short, simple, and easy to understand, making them ideal for young readers and listeners.

Some common themes in Rainbow poems for kids include the colors of the rainbow, the magical and mysterious nature of rainbows, and the feelings of happiness and hope that rainbows bring. Poets often use imagery and descriptive language to paint a vivid picture of a rainbow in the minds of young readers.

Overall, Rainbow poems for kids are a fun and engaging way to introduce children to the beauty of poetry and the wonders of the natural world. They can inspire a love of language, spark the imagination, and foster a sense of wonder and curiosity in young minds.

1 Poem: Rainbow’s Promise

When the rain has stopped its fall,

And the clouds have cleared away,

A rainbow arches in the sky,

With colors bright and gay.

Each hue so vibrant, bold, and true,

A promise it does hold,

Of hope, of joy, of love, of peace,

And dreams that can unfold.

The red, it whispers of courage,

To face each new day with might,

The orange, it speaks of creativity,

To shine your inner light.

The yellow, it sings of happiness,

To find joy in every little thing,

The green, it tells of growth,

To spread your wings and take a fling.

The blue, it hums of calmness,

To soothe your heart when it’s upset,

The indigo, it murmurs of intuition,

To guide you to your rightful quest.

And lastly, the violet, it beams of love,

To cherish and hold dear,

A promise of hope and beauty,

To carry with you through the year.

So when you see a rainbow,

Remember its promise true,

Of hope, of joy, of love, of peace,

And all that can come anew.

2 Poem: Rainbow Bridge

Across the rainbow bridge we go,

A path to a place unknown,

Where memories and love abide,

And new adventures to unfold.

Our furry friends who’ve left us here,

Await us on the other side,

With wagging tails and joyful barks,

And eyes that shine with pride.

We’ll walk with them among the fields,

Where flowers bloom in every hue,

And run with them beside the streams,

Where crystal waters flow so true.

We’ll hear their happy barks and purrs,

And feel their fur against our skin,

And know that they are with us still,

Despite the distance we’re within.

For though they’re gone, they’re not forgot,

Their love still shines like rainbows bright,

And when we cross that bridge someday,

We’ll find them waiting in the light.

So let us hold their memories dear,

And cherish all the joy they’ve brought,

And know that they are always near,

Beyond the rainbow bridge, in thought.

3 Poem: The Rainbow’s Tale

I wandered lonely as a cloud,

Along a path that led me high,

Up to the hilltop’s gentle brow,

Where rainbows paint the sky.

A prism of colors, bold and bright,

In arcs that stretch from earth to sky,

A miracle of light and love,

That fills the heart and eye.

But as I gazed upon its hues,

I felt a sense of deep unease,

For though the rainbow shone so bright,

It hid a tale beneath its breeze.

For every color has a story,

And every hue a different plight,

The rainbow’s tale is not just beauty,

But a symbol of our world’s fight.

The red, it speaks of war and hate,

Of blood that’s spilled for no good gain,

The orange, of a world in peril,

Of flames that spread like endless pain.

The yellow, it tells of hunger,

Of those who starve while others feast,

The green, of land that’s being plundered,

Of forests lost to corporate greed.

The blue, it whispers of injustice,

Of oceans poisoned by our waste,

The indigo, of forgotten people,

Whose voices have no rightful place.

And lastly, the violet, it sighs of hope,

Of love and peace that we can find,

If only we can see the rainbow’s tale,

And heal the wounds of humankind.

So let us honor every color,

And all the stories that they tell,

And work together to create,

A world where love and justice dwell.

4 Poem: The Rainbow’s Promise

Why are there so many songs about rainbows,

And what’s on the other side?

Is there a pot of gold or a magic kingdom,

Or something else for us to find?

Perhaps the rainbow’s just a symbol,

Of hope and promise in our hearts,

A bridge that spans across the skies,

And connects us all, near and far.

For every color of the rainbow,

Represents a different part of life,

The red, the orange, the yellow, the green,

The blue, the indigo, and the violet light.

And when we look upon the rainbow,

We see a promise of a world,

Where love and peace and harmony,

Are more than just a distant dream unfurled.

So let us follow the rainbow’s lead,

And seek a world where justice reigns,

Where all can live in freedom’s light,

And every heart with hope sustains.

For though the rainbow may just be,

A simple act of nature’s grace,

It points us towards a higher goal,

And a better world for the human race.

5 Poem: The Rainbow’s Dance

The storm has passed, the rain has gone,

And in its wake, a sight to see,

A rainbow arching high above,

A symbol of hope and mystery.

The colors blend and swirl together,

A dance of light and beauty rare,

Each hue a promise of something more,

A message of hope beyond compare.

The red, it speaks of passion’s fire,

The orange, of joy and energy,

The yellow, of the sun’s warm glow,

The green, of growth and harmony.

The blue, it whispers of the sea,

The indigo, of the night’s deep hue,

The violet, of the flowers’ grace,

And all the wonders they imbue.

And as we gaze upon the rainbow,

We see a message of hope and love,

A call to dance with all the colors,

And find the beauty in every curve.

So let us follow the rainbow’s lead,

And seek a world where love is king,

Where every heart is filled with hope,

And every soul can dance and sing.

For though the storm may rage around us,

And trials may come our way,

The rainbow’s dance reminds us,

That hope and joy will have their day.

6 Poem: The Colors of Life

The colors of the rainbow,

Are like a symphony,

Each note a different hue,

Playing in harmony.

Red is for passion and love,

And all the fire they bring,

Orange is for energy and joy,

And the zest of life’s sweet sting.

Yellow is for the sun’s warm rays,

And the happiness they give,

Green is for growth and harmony,

And the way we learn to live.

Blue is for the sea and sky,

And all the vastness they hold,

Indigo is for the starry night,

And the mysteries that unfold.

Violet is for the flowers’ grace,

And the beauty they impart,

And every color of the rainbow,

Is like a work of art.

And just as every color,

Has its own special place,

So too do we each have our part,

In life’s great human race.

So let us embrace the colors,

And all the wonder they bring,

For every shade and every hue,

Is a gift that makes our hearts sing.

And when we look upon the rainbow,

We see a promise of something more,

A world where all can live in peace,

And love is what we’re living for.

7 Poem: Children of the Rainbow

We are the children of the rainbow,

Born to shine our colors bright,

We are the promise of tomorrow,

A vision of hope and light.

Each one of us a different shade,

A unique expression of the whole,

And when we come together,

Our colors form a symphony of soul.

We are the red of passion’s fire,

The orange of joy and energy,

The yellow of the sun’s warm glow,

The green of growth and harmony.

We are the blue of the sea and sky,

The indigo of the night’s deep hue,

The violet of the flowers’ grace,

And all the wonders they imbue.

And though we may be different,

And come from far and wide,

We share a common destiny,

A dream we hold inside.

For we are the children of the rainbow,

A symbol of hope and love,

A promise of a brighter future,

And all the beauty it behoves.

So let us raise our voices high,

And let our colors shine,

For we are the rainbow children,

And we will change the world in time.

8 Poem: Beyond the Rainbow

Somewhere beyond the rainbow,

Lies a world of pure delight,

Where dreams come true and hearts are free,

And everything is bathed in light.

It’s a place of endless wonder,

Where the impossible is real,

And all the pain and sorrow,

Are things we no longer feel.

There are fields of rainbow flowers,

And skies of blue and gold,

And every moment’s filled with joy,

And love that can’t be told.

It’s a world of endless possibilities,

Where the sky’s the limit, and more,

And every dream we ever dreamed,

Is waiting just beyond the door.

So when we feel discouraged,

And life seems hard to bear,

Let us remember there’s a place,

Where everything is fair.

Beyond the rainbow, there’s a land,

Of love and hope and peace,

And when we reach out for it,

Our troubled hearts find release.

For beyond the rainbow lies a promise,

Of a brighter, better day,

Where everything we ever hoped for,

Will come to us in every way.

So let us keep on dreaming,

And hold on to our hope,

For beyond the rainbow lies a world,

Where anything is possible, and we can cope.

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