Rain Rain Go Away Poem: New and Original Version

Rain Rain Go Away Poem

“Rain, Rain Go Away” is a popular nursery rhyme with unknown origins. It is believed to have been around since the 17th century, with different variations and versions over time. The original version of the poem was different from the one we know today, and it was longer. The current version is a simple and repetitive song that is easy for children to learn and sing.

The meaning of the poem is straightforward – it’s a plea to the rain to stop and go away. It’s a common phrase used to express frustration with rainy weather or other undesirable situations that one wishes to change. In the context of the nursery rhyme, it’s also a wish for better weather so that children can play and have fun outside.

The poem is typically sung in English, and it has been translated into different languages over time. There are also many different adaptations and variations of the poem, including humorous versions, parody versions, and even political versions.

Despite its simple lyrics, “Rain, Rain Go Away” has remained a popular nursery rhyme for centuries. It’s a catchy tune that children enjoy singing, and it’s a fun way to teach them about the power of words and the weather.

Rain Rain Go Away Poem (New Version)

Rain rain, go away

Come again another day

But if you must stay awhile

Please bring us joy and make us smile

Pour down your droplets from the sky

And quench the earth, don’t be shy

Let flowers bloom and rivers flow

And cleanse the air with your gentle glow

Rain, rain, don’t be a pain

But if you must, let’s dance in the rain

Splash in the puddles, laugh and play

And enjoy this moment come what may

Rain Rain Go Away Poem (Original Version)

Rain, rain, go away,

Come again another day,

Little children want to play,

But you keep them cooped inside all day.

The grass is green, the flowers bloom,

But when the rain comes, it’s all doom and gloom,

Puddles form, and mud’s everywhere,

No fun to be had, no games to share.

But rain, oh rain, you’re not all bad,

You fill the streams and water the grass,

Without you, there’d be no life to see,

No beauty in the world, no greenery.

So rain, rain, if you must stay,

We’ll find some fun to have today,

We’ll splash in puddles, dance in the rain,

And find the joy in your watery domain.

Hey kids, how did you like this Rain Rain Go Away Poem: New and Original Version Poem? Did it make you smile or help you roam To a world of wonder and imagination, Full of colors, shapes, and sensation.

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