Once upon a time in the kingdom of Chhatrapur, King Gyanchandra ruled with an iron fist. His cruelty knew no bounds, and he cared little for the welfare of his subjects. He forbade them from cultivating land and growing crops, neglecting essential infrastructure like wells, bridges, and roads. The people suffered greatly, facing food and water shortages, while the king relentlessly collected taxes from them. Although the people despised their ruler, they felt powerless to challenge his tyranny.

One evening, in the village of Kanji, a group of villagers gathered under a tree to discuss the king’s unjust rule. They lamented the worsening conditions and wondered if anyone could help them. Kanjilal, an ex-soldier, stepped forward with determination, saying, “I will confront the king, and you all must support me.”

The villagers rallied behind Kanjilal, deciding not to pay taxes when the collectors arrived. They planned to resist and drive away any tax collectors sent by the king. However, the king learned of their intentions through his sources and chose not to send tax collectors, opting for a different approach.

Instead of collecting taxes, King Gyanchandra dispatched his army to attack Kanjilal’s village. Realizing the imminent threat, Kanjilal sought help from his brother, Kirtilal. But Kirtilal, a great coward, claimed to be unwell and unwilling to assist. Undeterred, Kanjilal organized the village’s young men into an army and confronted the king’s soldiers, defeating them.

Upon returning victorious, Kanjilal was surprised to find Kirtilal among the villagers welcoming the victorious army. Kirtilal, pretending to be concerned, asked for a share of the rewards. Kanjilal, with a heavy heart, shared half of his rewards with his deceitful brother.

Aware that the king might seek vengeance, Kanjilal worried about his pregnant wife, Nanda’s safety. He decided to hide her in a safe place, away from the king’s reach. Nanda, however, suggested he negotiate with the king and seek forgiveness. Kanjilal knew the king’s ruthless nature and refused, determined to continue his fight for justice.

Kanjilal led the villagers in negotiations with the king, convincing them that the king would not harm them. The villagers agreed, and the revolution was halted peacefully.

Kanjilal, content with the resolution, left the village and returned to the palace to face the king. Along the way, he met Kirtilal, who had waited for the rewards from the king. Kirtilal expressed his willingness to accompany Kanjilal to the palace.

Both brothers reached the palace, where the king devised a cunning plan. He promised Kirtilal half of his kingdom and his daughter’s hand in marriage if he killed Kanjilal. Kirtilal, driven by greed, carried out the sinister act.

However, when Kirtilal approached the king for his reward, the king, disgusted by his treachery, reneged on his promise and sentenced Kirtilal to death.

Back in Kanjilal’s village, the people mourned their leader’s assassination. Kanjilal’s wife, Nanda, gave birth to a son named Brijlal, who grew up under the guidance of a sage living in a nearby cave. The sage trained Brijlal and empowered him with invisibility.

Years later, Brijlal sought vengeance for his father’s death. He infiltrated the king’s chambers, delivering justice to the tyrannical ruler. With the king’s demise, Brijlal returned to his mother and their village, where he was celebrated as a hero. The sage joined them, and Brijlal became the village’s headman, leading them to a brighter future.

Moral of the Story:

Betrayal and greed may bring temporary gains but often lead to consequences, while courage, justice, and the pursuit of what is right ultimately triumph over deceit.

Lesson from the Story:

The story of “Two Brothers” teaches us that honesty, bravery, and the fight for justice are virtues that lead to lasting respect and honor. It also highlights that betrayal and deceit, driven by greed, may yield short-term benefits but ultimately result in one’s downfall.

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