The Tortoise and the Geese: An Animal Story

Tortoise and the Geese

Once upon a time, in a lush green forest, there lived a wise old tortoise. He was well known for his kind heart and his determination to never give up. One day, as he was strolling through the forest, he came across a wide and deep river that he needed to cross. The tortoise was not a good swimmer, and the current was too strong for him to swim across.

As he was pondering what to do, he saw a flock of geese flying overhead. The tortoise had an idea and shouted out to the geese, “Please, will you help me cross the river?” “I cannot swim across, and I need to reach the other side.”

The geese, who were kind-hearted themselves, decided to help the tortoise. They flew down and offered to carry him on their backs, one at a time, across the river. The tortoise was thrilled and grateful for their help.

As the first goose started to fly with the tortoise on his back, the tortoise felt the wind rushing past him, and he looked down at the river below. He was frightened and said, “Oh, dear! Please don’t drop me. “I don’t want to fall into the river.”

The goose replied, “Do not worry, dear tortoise.” We will not let you fall. Just hold on tightly, and we will take you safely to the other side.

The tortoise felt reassured and held on tight to the goose’s neck. Soon, they reached the other side of the river. The tortoise was relieved and thanked the goose for his help.

One by one, the geese carried the tortoise across the river until they reached the other side. As the last goose dropped the tortoise gently on the ground, the tortoise said, “Thank you, dear geese.” I am grateful for your help. “You have shown me that asking for help is not a sign of weakness.”

The geese smiled and replied, “You are welcome, dear tortoise.” We are happy to help. It is always better to ask for help than to struggle alone.

The tortoise returned the geese’s smile and continued on his journey, grateful for their assistance and the valuable lesson he had learned.

As he walked away, the geese watched him, feeling happy and content that they had made a difference in someone’s life.

The moral of the story is that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It takes courage to admit that we need help and accept it. When we work together and help each other, we can accomplish great things.

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The Tortoise and the Geese: An Animal Story

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