The Rooster and the Sun: An Animal Story

Rooster and the Sun

Once upon a time, on a distant farm, lived a proud and boastful rooster.Every morning, he would crow loudly, believing that he was the one responsible for bringing the sun up. He would tell all the animals on the farm that he alone had the power to make the sun rise and that they should all be grateful to him.

The other animals on the farm had grown tired of the rooster’s bragging, but they didn’t say anything. They simply went about their business and let the rooster crow to his heart’s content. But one day, the sun didn’t come up at the usual time. The rooster crowed and crowed, but the sky remained dark.

The other animals started to worry. They knew that something was wrong. They went to the rooster and asked him why the sun wasn’t rising. The rooster, still full of himself, told them that he must have overslept but that he would fix it right away. He crooned even louder than usual, trying to will the sun to come up.

But the sun still didn’t rise. The other animals started to panic. They didn’t know what to do. They went to the rooster again, and this time they begged him to do something. The rooster started to feel scared. He had never experienced anything like this before.

He decided to go and talk to the sun himself. He flew up into the sky, higher and higher, until he finally reached the sun. But when he got there, he saw that it wasn’t him who was responsible for making the sun rise. It was the sun itself, shining brightly and radiating warmth and light.

The rooster felt ashamed. He realized that he had been taking credit for something that he had nothing to do with. He flew back down to the farm and told all the animals what he had seen. He apologized for his boasting and promised that he would never do it again.

From that day forward, the rooster was a different animal. He no longer brags about his supposed powers. He was more humble and kind to the other animals on the farm. And whenever the sun rose in the morning, he looked up and smiled, grateful for its warmth and light.

In the end, the other animals on the farm forgave the rooster for his earlier arrogance. They respected him for admitting his mistake and learning from it. And they all lived happily ever after, enjoying the warmth and light of the sun without taking credit for things they didn’t do.

Moral: Don’t take credit for things you didn’t do. It’s important to be humble and honest and to recognize the contributions of others.

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The Rooster and the Sun

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