Once upon a time, in a beautiful forest, there lived a little lamb. The lamb was very kind and gentle, and it loved to play near a sparkling stream that flowed through the forest. Every day, the lamb would drink water from the stream and enjoy its peaceful surroundings.

Now, not too far from the stream, there lived a big, fierce wolf. The wolf was always hungry and was constantly looking for something to eat. When he saw the little lamb playing by the stream, an idea popped into his cunning mind. He thought, “Oh, what a delicious meal that little lamb would make!”

The wolf approached the lamb and said, “Hello, little lamb! How are you today?”

The lamb, with innocence in its eyes, replied, “Oh, hello, Mr. Wolf! I’m doing well, thank you. What brings you here?”

The wolf pretended to be friendly and smiled, saying, “I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful your wool is. I must say, it is the softest and finest wool I have ever seen. May I have a closer look?”

The lamb, not suspecting any harm, agreed and said, “Of course, Mr. Wolf. You can come closer and have a look.”

As the wolf came closer, his eyes gleamed with hunger. But he tried to hide his intentions and said, “My dear lamb, you are trespassing on my territory. How dare you drink water from my stream without my permission?”

The lamb was surprised and quickly replied, “Oh, Mr. Wolf, I mean no harm. I am not drinking your water. The stream flows freely, and I am just quenching my thirst. Please, don’t be angry.”

The wolf smirked and replied, “You are mistaken, little lamb. You are polluting the water and disturbing my peace. I think you need to be punished for your actions.”

The innocent lamb was scared and pleaded, “But Mr. Wolf, I promise I haven’t done anything wrong. I am just a tiny lamb, and I mean no harm to anyone.”

The wolf growled and said, “Silence! I have made up my mind. You must pay for your actions. You will be my dinner tonight!”

The poor lamb trembled with fear and desperately tried to reason with the wolf. “Please, Mr. Wolf, have mercy! I am just a defenseless little lamb. It would be unjust to eat me when I haven’t done anything wrong.”

The wolf paused for a moment, pretending to think. He then replied with a cunning smile, “You know what, little lamb? You’re right. It wouldn’t be fair to eat you without a fair trial. Let’s go to the wise old owl who lives in the treetop. We will let him decide if you are guilty or innocent.”

The lamb, finding a glimmer of hope, agreed to go with the wolf to the wise old owl. As they reached the treetop, the owl was perched on a branch, looking wise and thoughtful.

The wolf presented his case, saying, “Wise old owl, this lamb has been trespassing on my territory and polluting the water from the stream. I believe it deserves punishment.”

The lamb, with tears in its eyes, pleaded, “Oh, wise old owl, I haven’t done any of those things. I am innocent. Please believe me.”

The owl listened carefully to both sides and then spoke, “My dear friends, it is true that the lamb is innocent. The stream belongs to everyone, and it is free for all creatures to drink from. The wolf’s accusations are false.”

The wolf felt ashamed and realized his trickery had failed. He slinked away into the forest, never to be seen again.

The lamb thanked the wise old owl for saving its life. From that day forward, the lamb continued to play by the stream, but it always stayed cautious and aware of its surroundings.

And so, dear children, we learn from this story that it is important to be kind and truthful. Sometimes, there are others who may try to harm us or trick us, but if we stay honest and brave, we can overcome any challenge that comes our way.

Moral: The moral of the story “The Wolf and the Lamb” is that we should always be cautious of those who try to deceive us. We must stay true to ourselves and speak the truth, even when faced with false accusations.

Lesson: The story teaches us the importance of honesty and standing up for what is right. It reminds us to be aware of our surroundings and not to believe everything we hear without questioning it. Additionally, it emphasizes the value of seeking help from wise and trustworthy individuals when faced with difficult situations.

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