The Regret of Judas | Bibal Story

The Regret of Judas

Jesus was found guilty by the priests, elders, and scribes, but they did not have the power to have him killed. So, they decided to take him to Pontius Pilate, who was in charge of the province. This was because the whole area was part of the Roman Empire.

Judas saw the men taking Jesus away and felt ashamed of what he had done. He wanted to make up for his wrongdoing because he felt guilty about betraying his Master, Jesus.

He returned to the chief priests and gave them back the thirty pieces of silver they had given him to betray Christ. “I don’t want to keep this,” he said. “It’s payment for the innocent blood I betrayed!” But the top priests refused to take the silver pieces.

“You can think of what you want,” the chief priests told Judas as they brushed him off. “It has nothing to do with us.”

Judas left the silver in the temple and then walked to a lonely place to hang himself because he was so ashamed.

When silver was found in the temple, the chief priests didn’t know what to do with it.

They said, “It’s not legal to put it in the Treasury because it was paid for blood.” They decided to take it to a place where strangers were buried, called Potter’s Field, and bury the silver there. Because of this, Potter’s land is still called the field of blood.

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