The Frog Prince: A Fairy Tale


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who loved to play with her golden ball in the palace gardens. One day, she threw the ball too hard and it bounced into a nearby pond. She was heartbroken and didn’t know how to retrieve it.

Suddenly, she heard a voice saying, “Why are you crying, dear princess?” She looked around and saw a green frog sitting on a lily pad. “Oh, I lost my golden ball in the pond, and I can’t get it back,” she said.

The frog replied, “Don’t worry, Princess. I can help you retrieve it. But in return, you must promise to let me dine with you and sit at your table.” The princess hesitated for a moment but agreed, as she wanted her precious ball back.

The frog quickly jumped into the pond and brought the ball back to the princess. She was overjoyed and thanked the frog, but soon forgot her promise and left the frog alone by the pond.

The next day, as the princess sat down for dinner, she heard a knock on the door. To her surprise, it was the frog from the pond. “Remember your promise, dear princess. You promised to let me dine with you,” he said.

The princess was taken aback but reluctantly agreed to let the frog dine with her. However, she couldn’t stand the sight of the frog and pushed him away, making him fall off his chair.

As the days went by, the frog visited the princess every evening for dinner. One night, the frog said to the princess, “Why are you so cruel to me, dear princess? Don’t you know that I am under a curse?”

The princess was shocked and asked what the curse was. The frog explained that he was once a prince but was cursed by a wicked witch to live as a frog until a kind and beautiful princess would help break the curse.

The princess felt sorry for the frog and decided to help him. She went to the pond and spoke to the witch, who demanded that the princess must kiss the frog in order to break the curse.

At first, the princess was hesitant but eventually kissed the frog. Suddenly, the frog transformed into a handsome prince. The prince thanked the princess for breaking the curse and asked for her hand in marriage.

The princess was overjoyed and accepted the prince’s proposal. They got married and lived happily ever after in the palace.

Moral of the Frog Prince story: Always keep your promises and be kind to others, as you never know who might need your help.

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