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Harini Short Story

Harini was a heavenly nymph whom Indra sent to stop a sage named Trinabindu from meditating.

Trinabindu was doing a tough penance, but Harini really upset him and made it difficult for him to do his penance. Annoyed by the antics of Harini, Trinabindu got angry and cursed her that she would be born as a woman on earth. “For a nymph, living life on earth is just like hell,” Harini said while hearing Trinabindu’s curse.

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Harini repented a lot for her actions and started crying and asking Trinabindu for forgiveness. Seeing her cry, Trinabindu’s heart was touched. He said that I could not take back the curse I had given, but I could reduce its effect and find a way to get rid of it. “Listen, if someone touches your body with a flower brought from heaven, you will be freed from the curse—but not until then!”

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Because of this curse, Harini was born on earth as Indumati, the daughter of King Bhoja of Vidarbha; later, she became the wife of King Aja of Ayodhya and gave birth to a son named Dasharatha. Indumati forgot about her previous birth and started living happily with her husband.

One evening when King Aja and Queen Indumati were walking in the palace garden, suddenly a garland fell from the sky on Indumati. The garland killed her instantly as soon as it hit her.

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At that time, the sage Narada, traveling in the sky, was passing over the palace’s garden. He was returning from heaven, and his Veena was wrapped around a garland of heavenly mandarin flowers. One of the garlands got loose and fell on Indumati.

King Aja was deeply saddened by the sudden death of Indumati. Then Sage Narada told King Aja about the curse Indumati had received in her previous birth, due to which her sorrow was reduced a bit. At the same time, Indumati, who had now returned in the form of Harini was increasing the beauty of Indra’s court.

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