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Talking Cave

The Story of the Talking Cave | Podcast

Once upon a time, a very clever and intelligent fox lived in a forest. Many animals of the forest came to take suggestions from that wise fox, and that fox used to give proper solutions to everyone.

The fox used to go to the forest every day in search of food. After eating her fill, she returned to her cave, where she spent her days happily. But one year there was very little rain in the forest. That’s why the animals had to face many problems; the condition worsened in the summer.


Due to the heat, all the rivers, streams, and puddles dried up, so many animals had to leave that forest and move to another forest to save their lives.

Due to a lack of food, the animals in the forest suffered a lot, and they had to starve for many days. Despite these problems, many animals did not want to leave their homes and forests.


The fox also wandered in the forest in search of food every day; sometimes, it would get less food, and sometimes it would have to remain hungry; just like that, one day, the fox came out of its Talking cave and walked to the forest in search of food.

That day, a hungry lion was passing by the fox’s cave; that lion had also been starving for many days due to a lack of food; he stopped after seeing the fox’s and Talking cave and searched for food in the cave.


Even though he does not get anything to eat inside the cave, he gets the smell of foxes from the cave. Therefore, he understands that it is a fox’s cave. He knows the fox will return to his home, so he hides in the same cave and starts waiting for the fox.

By evening, the hungry fox returned to its cave; even that day, it did not get anything to eat. But as soon as he reached the cave, he saw the marks of the lion’s paws. They were moving inside the cave but did not appear to be coming out.


The fox immediately understands that a lion is hiding inside her cave; she stops outside for a while and thinks about how to find out whether there is a lion inside the cave or not. After thinking for a long time, she comes up with an idea and says loudly, “How are you, my dear cave, and how was your day?”

Hearing the sound of the fox, the lion understands that the owner of that cave, the fox, has returned in the hope of getting food. Its mouth waters, and it sits quietly in the Talking cave, hiding.


The fox calls back from outside, “How are you, my dear cave, and how was your day?” What happened today? Why are you not talking? Are you angry, or is there someone else in my cave?

If you do not answer me, I will understand that someone else is in my cave.

The lion is surprised at what he hears and believes the cave also speaks.


On the other side, the fox repeats, “Dear cave, why are you giving any answer today?” Okay, I’ll go back.

Listening to him made the lion feel that the prey might not leave.

The lion changes his voice and says, “My dear fox, I am fine, and today was also a very good day.” I fell asleep, so I could not answer you.”


When the fox heard the lion’s voice, she understood that a lion was hiding in her cave. So she immediately escaped after saving her life. The same lion ran back, cursing his fate after waiting for the fox for a long time.

Thus, Fox saved his life with the help of a talking cave.

The moral of the story: We should not lose our sanity even in the worst of times.

Talking Cave | Panchatantra Story

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