The Lion and The Clever Rabbit Story


Once upon a time, in the animal kingdom, all the animals were very happy and lived together peacefully. But then, there came a proud and mighty lion named Sherkhan. Sherkhan was very cruel and enjoyed killing animals just for fun. He didn’t even eat all the animals he killed. Because of Sherkhan’s behavior, every animal in the jungle was scared and worried about what might happen to the jungle.


One day, the remaining animals decided to have a meeting to solve this problem. They all started discussing.

During the meeting, the deer said, “What should we do now?”

The wolf replied, “If this continues, soon there won’t be many animals left in the jungle.”

The parrot suggested, “Why don’t we ask the elephant to kill the lion? After all, the elephant is the mightiest of them all.”

But the elephant refused the idea. He said that if Sherkhan was left alive, he might harm their families. He suggested that maybe the rhinoceros could kill the lion since it was also mighty and aggressive like the lion.

After some time, all the animals started blaming each other for not taking action against the proud lion.

Suddenly, an old and wise owl spoke up, “I have a suggestion. We can tell the lion that we will send one animal every day for his food. In return, he won’t need to kill innocent animals.”

The monkey took the responsibility to pass this message to Sherkhan. He swung from one tree to another until he reached Sherkhan’s den.

Then he conveyed the message to Sherkhan.

Sherkhan thought, “From now on, I will get my food without hunting. Hurray!” He liked the idea and said, “Hmm, I like the idea. But if you animals fail to keep your promises, I will kill you all.”

The animals started a system where each day one animal would go to the lion willingly to save the rest of the jungle. Everyone had reluctantly agreed to the owl’s idea.

So, one by one, each animal went to the lion every day. First, it was the buffalo’s turn, and then the next day, the deer went to the lion.

Then it was the zebra’s turn. This continued for a few days. One day, it was the rabbit’s turn to become the lion’s lunch.

The rabbit walked through the jungle, thinking about how to escape the lion. Suddenly, he saw a well. He peered into it and got an idea to defeat the mighty lion. He took the long way to reach the lion’s den. It was a clever plan, so the lion must have been very hungry. It was late afternoon when he reached the lion’s den, and the hungry lion was very angry.


The lion asked, “Where have you been? I am starving. You will not be able to satisfy my hunger, as you are too small. I shall make the animals pay for sending me such a small meal.”

The rabbit apologized, “I am sorry, Your Majesty, for being so late. I left on time, but on my way, I met another lion in the jungle. He wanted to eat me and claimed that he was the new king of the jungle.”

The lion asked, “What else did he say?”

The rabbit replied, “When I told him that I was to be your lunch, the second lion became furious and challenged you to a fight. He was so sure that you would lose to him.”

After hearing this, the lion became furious. “Take me to this lion. I shall show him who is the real king,” the lion roared.

The clever rabbit led the lion to the well. Pointing to it, he said, “The lion lives in this well.” The lion saw his reflection but thought it was another lion. He roared angrily.


“I will show you who is stronger,” the foolish lion declared. He jumped into the well to fight his enemy and drowned himself.


The rabbit happily returned to the jungle and told the animals what had happened. After hearing the rabbit’s story, all the animals praised the little rabbit and lived peacefully once again.

The moral of the story is that intelligence and wit can overcome strength and power. It teaches us that even the smallest and seemingly weakest creatures can outsmart their adversaries through cleverness and resourcefulness. Additionally, it highlights the importance of unity and cooperation in facing challenges, as the animals in the jungle were able to overcome their fear and work together to devise a plan to deal with the tyrant lion.

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