The Lion And The Rabbit short Moral story


A long, long time ago, in the animal kingdom, there was a very proud lion. The proud lion was very cruel and used to killing animals just for fun. Due to Lion’s behavior, every animal in the jungle was very scared and worried about the jungle’s fate.

As the lion was killing more animals than he could eat, the other animal called a meeting. Everyone started discussing.

In the meeting, deer said, “What we should do now,” 

Wolf said, “This way, how many animals will be left in the jungle.” 

Elephant told me I have an idea “we will tell the lion that we will send his food every day.”

Each day one of us has to go to the lion willingly to save the rest of the jungle. Everyone had chosen the idea of an elephant and unwillingly agreed to it.

The wolf conveyed the plan to the lion “every day from one of us will come to you as a food.” The lion was joyfully agreed.

From now onward, I will get my food without hunting, hurray!! 

So, one or the other animal had to go to the lion each day. First, it was the buffalo turn, and then the next day, deer went to the line.

Then it was the turn of the zebra. This process continued for few days; one day, it was the rabbit’s turn to become the lunch for the lion.

The rabbit walked through the jungle and kept thinking about how to escape the lion. Rabbit took the long way to reach the lion den. When he reached the lion’s den, it was late afternoon, and the hungry lion was very angry.

The lion asked, “where had you been? I am starving; you will not be able to satisfy my hunger, as you are too small; I shall make the animal pay for sending me such a small meal.”

The rabbit apologies. “I am sorry because I am late. There is another lion in the jungle; he wants to eat me and said that he is the new king of the jungle.”

Lion asked what else did he said.

Rabbit said: “when I told him that I was to be your lunch,” and the second lion fumed into anger and challenged you for a game of strength, and he was so sure that you will lose to him.”

After hearing this, the lion was very, very angry “take me to this lion; I shall show him who is the real king, “the rabbit replied, “yes, my lord.”

The clever rabbit took the lion to a well, and pointing to it; he said the lion live in this well; Lion saw his reflection, but he thought it was another lion, so he roars and roars again and again.

I will show you who is stronger; the foolish lion jumped into the well to fight his enemy and drowned himself.

The rabbit went happily to the jungle and told the animal what had happened. After hearing the rabbit story, all animals started praising the little rabbit and lived peacefully.

MORAL OF THE STORY:- Wisdom can defeat the mighty.

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