How to draw Godzilla | Step by Step


The fictional character Godzilla is the subject of a successful media franchise. Godzilla is a huge, reptilian monster that is frequently portrayed as having rough, bumpy skin, razor-sharp claws, and a long, powerful tail. It is frequently portrayed as being extremely destructive and capable of wreaking havoc.

Things you’ll need to draw Godzilla in a few easy steps. Let’s get started.

  1. pen or pencil
  2. Eraser.
  3. A sheet of white paper

It will take a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes for you to make this Godzilla drawing.

Step 1. Write “Godzilla” in the landscape.
Step 2. Make a line connecting through “L”, which will make Godzilla’s mouth.
Step 3. Make a curve on an “A” and a second curved line connecting through “A.”
Step 4. Make the upper face of Godzilla.


Step 5: Draw a curved line connecting your upper and lower faces.
Step 6. Make a line till “I”
Step 7. Make a box.
Step 8. Make a curve line till “D”


Step 9. Follow the image
Step 10. Make a claw on “O”
Step 11. Make an inner claw.
Step 12. Follow the image


Step 13. Make an arm.
Step 14. Make a curve which will make the back of Godzilla.
Step 15. Make a scale on the back.
Step 16. Follow the image


Step 17.Make the eye of Godzilla.
Step 18. Make a tooth of Godzilla.
Step 19. Make a scale on a body as shown in the image.
Step 20. Give a final touch to the drawing.


: Here Godzilla is Ready


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