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It is a matter of Dwapar Yuga that Rishi Vishrava and Kaikasi had three sons and a daughter, whose names were Ravana, Kumbhakarna, Vibhishan, and Soupankha. The eldest son, Ravana, was very ambitious and wanted to become all-powerful and rule all three worlds. Ravana was famous all over the world for his devotion and knowledge. Ravana started doing severe penances to please Brahma Ji.

When Brahma Ji did not appear, he cut off his head with his own hands and dedicated it to the Yagya Kund. Every time he cut off his head, his head would be attached back to his torso. He did the same process ten times, but each time his head was attached to his torso.

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In the end, Brahma Ji was pleased with his harsh penance and had to give him darshan. When Brahma Ji asked Ravana to ask for a boon, Ravana asked him for the boon of nectar. Brahma ji expressed his inability to give the boon of death. He said that whoever has come into this world will have to face death one day or the other. However, you can make the path to death a bit more difficult.

Then Ravana asked for a boon: no god, demon, Yaksha, or Gandharva could kill him. Brahma Ji gives him the boon he asked for, and Ravana sacrifices his head ten times to please Brahma Ji. Then he gives him another boon: he will remain alive even after cutting his head ten times in the war. Ravana considered humans inferior, so he did not mention humans to Brahma Ji anywhere in his boon.

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Bramha Ji then asked Ravana’s brother, Kumbhakarna, to ask for a boon. Kumbhakarna was so cunning that the other gods prayed to Brahma not to grant him any boons. But Brahma Ji could not do this. So the gods confused Kumbhakarna’s intelligence while asking for a boon. Poor Kumbhakarna said, “I am very tired while performing penance; give me the boon of long sleep!” Then Brahma Ji gave him the boon of sleeping for six months. Hearing that the deities heaved a sigh of relief.

Vibhishan was quite different from those two brothers. He asked Brahma ji for a boon to walk on the path of truth.

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After getting the boon, Ravana created havoc in the whole world. However, in the end, due to his arrogance, he was killed in the form of a human being by Rama, who was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Kumbhakarna had to be woken up from his sleep, and then he died at Rama’s hands.

In this way, all the sons of Ravana and the rest of the demons were also killed by Lord Rama.

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