Ravana curse | Indian Mythological Story

Ravana curse

Apsara Rambha was once flying through the sky to meet Kubera’s son Nalkuber, who was the son of Kubera, the god’s treasurer. Rambha and Nalkuber loved each other and used to meet secretly.

Ravana was travelling somewhere in his Pushpak Viman when he noticed Rambha flying in the sky. This was the same Pushpak Vimana that Ravana snatched from his brother Kuber.

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Ravana caught the flying Rambha. Rambha pleads with Ravana, “Let me go!” I am going to meet Nalkuber, who is your nephew. “You should not behave with me like this, but see me as your daughter-in-law and not as an object of desire.”

Ravana laughed mockingly at her and said, “You are nobody’s daughter-in-law!” You are a dancing girl in the court of the gods. “You cannot have just one person as a husband.” And saying this, he pulled Rambha towards him and took her in his arms.

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After much pleading by Rambha, Ravana let her leave, so Rambha ran to Nalkuber, crying, and narrated her ordeal to him while shedding tears.

On hearing Rambha’s words, Nalkuber got angry and cursed his uncle: “Ravana, you took Rambha by force, even though she had said she loved me. I curse you; in the future, if you touch any woman against her will, your head will shatter into a thousand pieces!” Ravana was very scared of the curse given by Nalkuber.

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However, even after Ravana abducted Sita, he did not mistreat her at all.

Ravana curse | Indian Mythological Story

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