Qazi’s Justice | Short Story

Qazi’s Justice

A long time ago. In the city, there was a well-known Qazi. Only Qazi used to serve as a judge back then.

Qazi used to go for a walk in the city streets every day after Namaz. Qazi was walking through the market one day. Suddenly, he noticed a young infant screaming on the side of the road. He was holding a can of oil.

A servant called the child after the Qazi’s command was received.

“What’s the matter?” Qazi inquired about the child. “Why are you sobbing?” “While weeping,” the youngster said. Sir, I’m Teli’s son. I received nine pennies for selling a box of oil. The house was devoid of flour. I intended to buy something with that money and take it home, but I fell asleep under a tree due to exhaustion. I had placed this box atop a stone. When I awoke, the box was still there, but there was no money inside.

“You are a great fool,” Qazi reprimanded the boy. The box was placed on top of the stone. That is why the stone perpetrated the theft. “Please bring it to court with you. This information quickly travelled throughout the city. The audience was taken aback.

As soon as the doors opened, the entire city flocked to the courthouse to hear the Qazi’s justice.

Qazi was perched on his chair. Leli’s son stood on one side, and the identical stone was kept on the other. The courtroom was packed with cops, professionals, and lawyers. “Tell the truth, Qazi,” Qazi said to the stone. “Have you ever stolen?” Even a stone can provide an answer somewhere. After three requests, the Qazi angrily ordered, “Fling the stone’s skin.”

The villagers assumed Qazi had gone insane. Everyone began laughing and making fun of him. The Qazi became agitated. “It is against the law to laugh in court; those who were laughing should be arrested and imprisoned for three days.”

Everyone trembled with fear on hearing the name of the jail. They folded their hands and said, “Huzoor, we have committed a crime.” This time, please forgive us by taking only the fine. Kazi said, “Okay.” It will be so. After getting the order from Kazi, the peon brought a tub full of water and kept it in front of Kazi.

As a penalty, Qazi ordered that each culprit place one penny in the tub. Many people left after paying their fines. Qazi kept a close eye on the tub. “Just got it,” the Qazi exclaimed as soon as the last person left the money in the water. “Tie it; this is the one who stole it.” The peon opened the bag of Qazi as soon as the order was received. It contained merely an eight coin that had been drenched in oil.

Teli’s son excitedly returned home after recovering his missing money. The thief was imprisoned. Kazi’s justice began to be praised all over.

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