Clever Fish | Short Moral Story

Clever Fish

The name of the story is “Clever Fish.” One day, a fisherman was fishing in a river. As usual, he threw his net into the river and just sat there waiting for fish to get him so that he could sell a lot of fish in the market and get some good money out of it. After some time, the fisherman heard rustling and bustling in the net. He thought he must have caught much fish in the net. He took the net out of the water. 

But then, to his dismay, he saw just one tiny little fish in that net. He grabbed that fish, but suddenly the fish started talking to him. Tiny little fish said to the fisherman oh fisherman, please leave me, please leave me, I will die. 

Clever Fish

But the fisherman did not give any attention to the request of the fish. But then again, that tiny little fish said to the fisherman, “I will tell you something which is of your help.” If you leave me back in the water, I will tell all my friends about you, and I will bring them here to the bank of the river so that you’ll have much more fish when you come next time. 

The fisherman thought, “Wow, that’s not a bad deal at all.” He was thinking if I let go of one tiny little fish today, tomorrow I would get a lot more fish because this tiny little fish would bring all his friends to me. The fisherman believed the word of this tiny little fish, so he let go of this tiny little fish into the river again. 

This tiny little fish was really happy, and it swam away happily into the river, never returning. The poor fisherman came the next day expecting that there would be a lot of fish that this tiny little fish would bring. 

But the tiny little fish was very clever, and because of his cleverness, he saved his life from this fisherman. 

Clever Fish | Short Moral Story

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