Once upon a time in a vibrant kingdom nestled between rolling hills and sparkling rivers, lived a kind-hearted king named Sukhvarman. His joy and pride lay in his radiant daughter, Princess Suhasani, whose laughter echoed through the halls of the palace, bringing smiles to everyone who heard it. She had a heart filled with kindness and a particular fondness for the melodious songs of birds and the grace of animals.

On a bright morning, as the royal court was humming with activity, a messenger from the neighbouring realm arrived with a message from King Pratapvarman. The neighbouring king desired to gift King Sukhvarman something truly extraordinary, something that would bring immense joy to his heart. Knowing the princess’s affection for birds, he decided to send a golden bird housed in a magnificent golden cage, a creature as bright and enchanting as the morning sun.

When the golden bird arrived, the entire court gathered to witness its beauty. Princess Suhasani was absolutely enthralled by the beautiful creature. She spent her days playing with the bird, her laughter ringing harmoniously with the bird’s melodious tunes. Yet, as time went by, the bird’s song diminished, its vibrant energy waning within the confines of the golden cage.

One day, Suhasani noticed the bird’s diminishing joy. She spoke with her wise maid, who pointed out that just like them, the bird craved the freedom of the open sky, the ability to spread its wings and soar. Understanding the importance of freedom, Suhasani relocated the bird’s cage to the blossoming garden, where it could enjoy the fresh air and the fragrance of blooming flowers.

Despite the change in scenery, the golden bird’s spirit seemed to fade away day by day. It stopped singing and playing, yearning for the boundless sky. Suhasani, torn between the fear of losing her golden friend and granting it freedom, struggled with her decision. But one heart-wrenching morning, Suhasani found the bird lifeless in its golden prison, its light extinguished due to the confines of the cage.

The loss of her golden friend plunged Suhasani into a deep sadness, her laughter no longer resonating through the palace. Seeing his daughter’s sorrow, King Sukhvarman tried everything to bring back her joy. He even consulted the royal magician to resurrect the bird, but to no avail.

Realizing that happiness couldn’t be caged, Sukhvarman arranged for another golden bird to be brought to the kingdom. This time, Suhasani understood the priceless value of freedom. With tears in her eyes and a smile of genuine joy, she opened the cage, allowing the golden bird to spread its wings and embrace the sky.

As she watched the bird vanish into the horizon, a sense of peace and happiness engulfed her, knowing that true happiness lies in freedom and kindness.


Freedom is the essence of life and true happiness; it cannot be bound in cages, not even golden ones.


Through this poignant tale, readers learn the importance of understanding and respecting the freedom of all living beings. Sometimes, letting go and granting freedom can bring a deeper, more fulfilling joy than holding on tightly. It teaches us to cherish the happiness of others, even if it means making a personal sacrifice, fostering kindness and empathy in our hearts.

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