Once upon a time, in the early days of our planet, there existed a harmonious relationship between dogs and cats. They coexisted peacefully, keeping a watchful eye on each other’s behavior and tendencies.

One day, a wise hermit arrived in their village, spreading news of his arrival like wildfire among the animals. Both the dog and the cat decided it was an excellent opportunity to seek his counsel. They believed he could provide insight into each other’s idiosyncrasies.

The dog, eager to share his concerns, approached the hermit first. He respectfully said, “Maharaj, I am troubled by my friend, the cat. She possesses several undesirable traits, such as food theft. Despite my best efforts to teach her right from wrong, she persists in these behaviors. Can you enlighten me about her fate in her next life?” The hermit listened attentively but chose to remain silent. His lack of response puzzled the dog, who eventually departed.

The next day, it was the cat’s turn to visit the hermit. She confided, “Maharaj, my dear friend, the dog, has a propensity for unnecessary anger and incessant barking. I’m concerned about his erratic behavior. Could you shed light on his future?” Yet again, the hermit chose to withhold his answer. Both the cat and the dog were dissatisfied with the hermit’s reticence and returned repeatedly with the same inquiry.

Finally, the hermit decided to respond. Turning to the dog, he stated, “Your deep concern for the cat’s habits has left a profound impact on you. In your next life, you will become a cat, as you have been greatly influenced by her tendencies.” The dog, discontented with this prognosis, left the hermit’s presence disheartened.

The cat then approached the hermit, eager to hear her fate. With solemnity, the hermit declared, “Your nature has been heavily influenced by the dog’s temperament. In your next existence, you shall become a dog.”

The cat was stunned by this revelation, feeling a sense of disbelief wash over her. She left the hermit’s presence in a state of bewilderment.

This tale imparts a valuable lesson: we should focus on embracing the virtues and good qualities of others rather than dwelling on their flaws. In doing so, we can avoid inadvertently adopting negative traits and thoughts.

Moral of the Story:

The story reminds us that our thoughts and perceptions can shape our destinies. Instead of fixating on the faults of others, we should emphasize their positive qualities. By concentrating on the good, we cultivate a more constructive mindset and prevent negative traits from taking root within ourselves.

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