Sindbad the Sailor | Arabian Nights

Sindbad the Sailor

Long ago, there lived a young man named Sindbad. He was a merchant and had to sail all around the world selling his wares. During his frequent voyages, he had many exciting adventures.

Once, Sindbad went to the land of China with a cargo of dates from Arabia. While returning, there was a cyclone, overturning his ship by violent waves. Luckily, he managed to hang on to a broken wooden piece of his ship. And then he fainted. When he regained his senses, he found himself in a strange land.

All around him were heavy white-colored boulders. But surprisingly, those rocks were extremely smooth and round in shape. “What are these?” Sindbad wondered. He went close to examine the smooth stones. Suddenly, a huge eagle landed next to him. He then realized that the glistening stones were actually the eagles’ eggs. “Ohh… so this is the land of giant birds called Roc. Now how do I escape from here?” Sindbad murmured to himself.

He was always ready for adventure. An idea struck him. Slowly, he crawled behind a giant eagle. Then, he fastened himself to the eagle’s leg using his waistband. Soon the vast bird took off in the sky, carrying Sindbad away. After a thrilling flight, the eagle landed in a valley. It was the valley of diamonds. Sindbad quickly untied himself from the bird’s leg.

When he glanced around, he could see shimmering diamonds and precious gems. Just then, a piece of meat fell beside Sindbad. A giant bird swooped down and picked up the meat in its talons. On seeing this, Sindbad was reminded of a true story of this valley. The people of this village would throw meat into the valley so the diamonds would get stuck on them. Then, when the birds would carry the meat to their nests, the people would beat the drums, making a loud noise, and the frightened birds would drop the meat, and the people would collect the diamonds, leaving the meat behind.

Sindbad packed up as many pieces of gems and diamonds as he could. Then he waited for another eagle to land near him. As soon as a giant bird perched near him, he again tied himself to its leg. Once again, he was flying high up in the sky. This time he landed right among the native people of the valley. They were shocked to see him. Sindbad then told them about his adventures. They were amused.

They took him to their chief. Sindbad received a grand welcome at the chief’s palace. After resting there for some days, he boarded a ship passing by. And thus, Sindbad the Sailor went on his way in  search of new adventures.

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