Kaikasi Boon | Mythological Story

Kaikasi Boon

Kaikasi, the beautiful daughter of Demon Sumali (also called Nikasha), She desired to be a mother of sons. Her father instructed her to go to the famous Sage Vishrav and request the boon of sons.

It wasn’t yet dark when she arrived, but darkness was approaching.

“This is a dreadful time of day—known as rakshasi vela, or the hour of devils,” the saga explained. “I will bless you with as many sons as you desire.” But keep it in mind! They’ll turn out to be demons.”

“But I don’t want evil devils as children!” cried Kaikasi.

Vishrav said, “The time of day is such that demons will be what they will be.” “However, the youngest will not disappoint.” “Watch out for the other two!”

Kaikasi eventually had a baby with ten heads, thanks to the sage’s blessing. He was named Dashagreev (Ravan). She then had a massive baby with enormous ears shaped like vats. He was named Kumbhkarn. She then gave birth to a daughter, a hideous creature with nails shaped like baskets for dehusking maize. She was named Shoorpnakha.

The youngest child, a son, was a calm creature, despite being named Vibheeshan, the terrible.

As they grew up, all three, except Vibheeshan, became wild and naughty. Kaikasi was not too happy with her boon!

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