Jackal and the Drum | Moral Story

Jackal and the Drum

Once upon a time, there was a fierce battle between two armies near a forest, in which one army won and the other lost. After the war was over, the armies returned to their cities. Just one army drum was left behind. By playing that drum, the soldiers used to dance and narrate stories of bravery at night to boost the morale of their soldiers.

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One day the wind blew strongly in the forest, and a storm came. Because of the strong wind, that drum kept rolling and standing near a dry tree. The dry branches of that tree were wrapped around the drum so that when a strong wind blew, they used to collide with the drum again and again, and the sound started coming from the drum.

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One day, a jackal, while roaming in the forest, reached that tree. Suddenly, that jackal heard the sound of the drum, and he was terrified. He had never heard any animal make such a strange sound before today. He started thinking how dangerous that animal, whose voice was so thunderous and scary, would be. The jackal secretly started watching the drum. He wanted to know whether this creature would fly or run on four legs.

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One day, the jackal hid behind the bushes and kept an eye on the drum. Just then, a squirrel landed on the tree by jumping on the drum. There was also a slight thumping sound, and the squirrel sat comfortably on the drum and started munching on its grain.

Seeing this, the jackal murmured, “Oh!” So, it is not a dangerous creature! Then even I should not be afraid of it.

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The jackal walks slowly to the drum and starts smelling it. Even after looking at the drum for a long time, he does not see the head and legs of the drum; seeing this, the jackal becomes even more confused. Then suddenly, a gust of wind comes, due to which the bowed branch of the tree starts hitting the drum. Due to the collision of the twigs, there was a drum sound from the drum, and the jackal jumped and fell backward in fear of that sound.

Shaking off the mud from his body, the jackal grumbles, “Now I understand.” This is the outer shell of that animal. The soul lives inside this shell. The voices say that whatever creature lives inside this shell must be very fat and full of fat. The jackal’s mouth starts watering as soon as he thinks of this.

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The jackal immediately runs towards his den, and as soon as he reaches the den, he shouts, “O wife, jackal!” Get ready to eat a feast. “Today, I have come after finding a strange, fat-fresh victim.”

Wife Jackal immediately says, with her mouth-watering, “Why didn’t you kill him and bring him back?”

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Because I’m not a fool like you, the jackal chastised him. He is hiding inside a shell. That shell is such that it has doors of dry skin on both sides. If I tried to catch him by putting my hand on one side, wouldn’t he run away from the other door?

The jackal’s husband and wife went out to eat the drum as soon as night fell. When both of them had just reached the drum, the twigs started hitting it from the wind, and the sound of “dhum-dhum” started coming out. Seeing this, the jackal says in the ear of the jackal, ‘Have you heard his voice? Just imagine how thick someone with a heavy voice would be.

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Both jackals sit on both sides of the drum and start tearing both sides of the skinned part of the drum with their teeth. As soon as the drum’s skin was cut, the jackal said, “Be careful; that creature can attack us and run away.

We have to catch the victim by putting our hands together.” With the sound of “Hum,” both put their hands inside the drum and started groping. But there was nothing inside. Both of them just got hold of each other’s hands and started pulling each other’s hands.

Then both starts shouting together! Arey, there is nothing here. And both of them were left banging their heads, and that night they had to go to sleep hungry.

Lesson from the story: Unless you are very sure about anything, you should not make any plans. Otherwise, you will remain hungry like a jackal couple.

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