Story of the Wise Sparrow: Panchatantra Story


Once upon a time, in a vibrant forest filled with tall trees and colorful flowers, there lived a cheerful little sparrow named Chirpy. Chirpy had built her nest beneath a magnificent banyan tree. Her nest was a cozy and comfortable place, carefully woven with twigs, leaves, and soft feathers.

One fateful day, the sky grew dark with thick clouds, and raindrops began to fall. The forest echoed with the sound of pouring rain. Chirpy, nestled in her nest, watched as the rain splashed against the leaves. She felt grateful for her snug and dry home.

As Chirpy observed the rain, she noticed a monkey named Bouncy hanging from a nearby branch. Bouncy was trying to find shelter from the rain, but he was getting wet and shivering from the cold drops that trickled down his furry body.

Filled with concern, Chirpy fluttered down to the branch where Bouncy clung. With a gentle voice, she chirped, “Oh dear Bouncy, you look so wet and cold. Why didn’t you build a shelter to protect yourself from the rain?”

Bouncy, irritated by Chirpy’s well-meaning advice, snapped, “Why don’t you mind your own business? I don’t need your advice!” His fur bristled with annoyance, and he decided to teach Chirpy a lesson she wouldn’t forget.

“If she doesn’t stop interfering, I must show her that I’m not someone to be trifled with,” thought Bouncy, hatching a plan. He turned to Chirpy with a sly smile and sneered, “Haven’t you heard the saying that you should only give advice to those who ask for it?”

Chirpy, surprised by Bouncy’s harsh words, felt a tinge of sadness. She genuinely wanted to help, but she realized that not everyone welcomes advice, even when it comes from a place of care and concern. Still, Chirpy couldn’t bear to see Bouncy suffering, so she decided to persist.

Despite Bouncy’s warning, Chirpy fluttered around, trying her best to convince him to seek shelter or find a dry spot to wait out the rain. But as the rain continued to pour, Bouncy’s annoyance turned into fury.

Unable to contain his anger any longer, Bouncy swiftly climbed up the tree. With furious leaps and powerful swings, he reached Chirpy’s nest. In a fit of rage, he tore apart the delicate twigs and scattered the soft feathers all around. Chirpy, watching from a distance, was filled with shock and sorrow as her once-lovely nest lay in ruins.

From that moment on, Chirpy understood the importance of offering advice only to those who are open to receiving it. She realized that not everyone appreciates help, even if it comes from a place of genuine care. Chirpy vowed to be more discerning in her attempts to offer guidance, saving her valuable advice for those who truly desired it.

Children, the moral of this story is simple yet profound: Give your advice only to those who deserve it. Sometimes, people may not be ready or willing to accept help, and it’s essential to respect their choices. Instead, focus on helping those who genuinely seek guidance and appreciate your efforts.

Chirpy, determined to rebuild her life, flew away in search of a safer place to build a new nest. With her resilience and the wisdom gained from her experience, she found a cozy hollow in a sturdy tree trunk. There, Chirpy built a new nest, carefully weaving each twig and feather with love and care.

Chirpy lived happily ever after in her new home, cherishing the lessons she had learned. And whenever she saw

 someone in need, she remembered to offer her guidance and support only to those who welcomed it, embracing the beauty of compassion and understanding.

Moral of the story:

Give your advice only to those who deserve it.

Lesson from the story:

1. It is important to offer help and advice to those who genuinely seek it.

2. Not everyone will appreciate your guidance, and it’s essential to respect their choices.

3. Learn to recognize when someone is open to receiving help and when it’s better to hold back.

4. Focus your efforts on those who are receptive and grateful for your support.

5. Be mindful of the consequences of your actions and consider the possible outcomes before taking revenge or causing harm.

6. Resilience and adaptability are essential in overcoming challenges and finding new opportunities for happiness.

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Sparrow FAQ

The monkey destroyed the sparrow's nest out of anger and frustration. He wanted to teach the sparrow a lesson for continuously offering unsolicited advice.

The sparrow learned the importance of offering guidance only to those who are willing to listen. She realized that not everyone welcomes help and that it's best to save her advice for those who genuinely seek it.

The sparrow was shocked and heartbroken to see her once beautiful nest in ruins. However, she didn't dwell on her misfortune and instead focused on rebuilding her life in a safer place.

After finding a new and secure place, the sparrow built a new nest and lived happily ever after. She remembered the valuable lesson she had learned and continued to offer guidance to those who deserved it.