How to Draw Windmill in Simple and easy step by step guide


While many of these are natural components, there are a few manufactured constructions that are worth admiring as well.
However, few of these are as breathtaking as a beautiful windmill slowly whirling!
Windmills are always fascinating to behold, and knowing how to draw one is a great way to recreate this stunning sight.
If you adore these gorgeous structures, this will be an excellent tutorial for you!

Things required learning how to draw a windmill.
Let’s learn how to draw a windmill.
Step 1: First we will draw the blades of the windmill.


Step 2-Make a small cricle.


Step 3: Now we’ll draw the windmill’s central section.


Step 4: Make a small box as shown in the drawing.


Step 5-Make a small replica of the big one.


Step 6-Our drawing is ready.


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