How to Draw Marker in Simple and easy steps guide


However, in recent years, the marker has been shown to be a useful drawing medium. Inks have become more permanent, and surfaces designed expressly for use with markers have been produced. Manufacturers have recently created markers that can produce high-quality artwork.
Professional markers provide dye-based inks through a porous tip. Chiselled, pointed, or brush-like tips are available. Alcohol is employed as the solvent, which is a safer alternative to previous versions of the marker that used toxic chemicals.
The surface on which markers are applied has a significant impact on the marks made. On traditional drawing materials, markers have a tendency to bleed. Depending on the impression you’re after, this attribute can be a help or a hindrance.
Papers specifically developed for use with markers may be a preferable option for crisper colour and value forms. These sheets are extremely smooth and thin, with some of them being semi-transparent.
The colour intensity delivered varies depending on the manufacturer. Prismatic Premier or Coptic markers, for example, produce even colour applications with consistent stroking. Over the top of the applications, further layers of colour can be placed to darken the value or change the colour.
Things that required learning how to draw markers.
Let’s learn how to draw a marker.
Step 1: First we will draw the rectangle as shown in the drawing.


Step 2-Now we will make another small box.


Step 3-Now we will make the tip of the marker.


Step 4: Now we will draw the cap of the marker.


Step 5: Draw some details on the marker’s cap.


Step 6-Draw another box at the end of the marker.


Step 7: Add some other details to the cap of the marker.


Step 8: Color the image as shown in the drawing.


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