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How to Draw Lighthouses in Simple Steps


How to Draw Lighthouses in Simple Steps


Lighthouses are structures with a tower that once assisted mariners in finding their way and avoiding hazards such as submerged rocks.
The first lighthouses were bonfires lit ablaze on hilltops to direct mariners back to safety. These are described in the poet Homer’s writings from the seventh century B.C.E. The Pharos of Alexandria, which stood 350 feet tall and was built in 280 B.C.E., was the first modern lighthouse.

The Roman Empire had at least 30 lighthouses in service by the fourth century C.E.
The colours and patterns in which modern lighthouses are painted during the day, as well as the pattern of flashing or turning of their lights at night, can be used to identify them.

This allows sailors to locate themselves without having to go onshore. Lighthouses used to have to be lit by flames or candle lanterns, but now they use electric lights. Although most ships currently navigate using radar and other advanced technology, lit buoys and lighthouses remain a fail-safe in an emergency.
Do you want to create your own lighthouse? With the help of this straightforward, step-by-step drawing instruction, it’s simple to do so.
Things required to draw a lighthouse
1- Paper.
2- Pencil.
3- Marker.
4- Color.
Let’s learn how to draw a lighthouse.
Step 1: Draw two parallel lines as shown in the drawing.


Step 2-Make a small box on it.

Step 3: Make the top part of the lighthouse.

Step 4: Draw a small box at the bottom of the lighthouse.

Step 5-Make small gaps in it.

Step 6-Draw small windows.

Step 7: Color the image.

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