How to Draw Kirby Step by Step – Easy Drawing Tutorial

How to Draw Kirby

If you’re a fan of the adorable pink puffball from the world of Nintendo, you’ve probably wondered how to capture the essence of Kirby in your drawings. Fear not, as we delve into the art of drawing Kirby step by step, using related keywords to make your experience enjoyable and educational.

Getting Started with Kirby Drawing

To embark on this artistic journey, you need a few essential supplies:

  1. Sketching Materials: Start with a good quality pencil, eraser, and some clean sheets of paper.
  2. Reference Images: Gather images of Kirby from various angles. This will help you understand Kirby’s form better.

Sketching Kirby’s Basic Shape

Begin by drawing Kirby’s basic shape:

  1. Circle Base: Sketch a perfect circle. This will be Kirby’s body.
  2. Stubs for Limbs: Add small stubs for Kirby’s arms and legs. Keep them short and stubby, just like Kirby!
  3. Facial Features: Draw Kirby’s eyes, which are typically large and oval-shaped. Place them slightly above the center of the circle. Add a cute smiling mouth below the eyes.

Adding Kirby’s Signature Details

Now, let’s add the iconic details that make Kirby unmistakable:

  1. Blush Marks: Kirby has round blush marks on each cheek. Draw two small circles, one on each side of his face.
  2. Shoes: Sketch small ovals at the bottom of Kirby’s body to represent his shoes.
  3. Arms and Hands: Enhance the stubby arms by giving Kirby round, gloved hands. Keep it simple yet charming.

Refining Kirby’s Appearance

To make your Kirby drawing more accurate, refine the details:

  1. Outline: Go over your sketch with clean, confident lines. Pay attention to the curves and make sure everything is smooth.
  2. Eyes: Add highlights to Kirby’s eyes to make them appear shiny and full of life.
  3. Final Touches: Erase any unnecessary lines and add any finishing touches you see fit.

Coloring Kirby

Now, let’s bring Kirby to life with colors:

  1. Pink Perfection: Kirby is predominantly pink. Use a light shade of pink for his body.
  2. Blush: Color the blush marks on Kirby’s cheeks in a slightly darker shade of pink.
  3. Eyes: Make Kirby’s eyes white with black pupils. Add a tiny white highlight dot to each eye for that extra sparkle.

Step 1: Start by drawing a circle.


Step 2:- Now draw the pony of pokemon.


Step 3:- Now start by drawing the eyebrows.


Step 4:- Next the mouth.


Step 5:- Now draw the lower body.


Step 6:- Next the wings.


Step 7 Now the legs next.


Step 8


Hey kids, did you like this How to Draw Kirby Step by Step – Easy Drawing Tutorial? Practice it and you will see your drawing improve with every attempt. Also, share your view in the comment box, and don’t forget to share this art with your friends on Social Media so they can also enjoy it. For more such drawings keep visiting

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