How to Draw Girl Hair – Step by Step Guide

How to Draw Girl Hair

When it comes How to Draw Girl Hair, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, you want to make sure that the hair is not too thick or too thin. Second, you want to pay attention to the direction of the hair and how it falls on the head. Third, you need to decide what kind of style you are going for. And fourth, you want to add some details to make the hair look more realistic.

To start, let’s talk about thickness. If the hair is too thick, it will look unnatural and cartoony. If the hair is too thin, it will look stringy and unhealthy. You want to find a happy medium between the two extremes. A good way to measure thickness is by using a pencil or pen to draw strands of hair. Compare your drawing to real life strands of hair and adjust accordingly.

Next, let’s talk about direction. The direction of the hair can be just as important as the thickness. You want to make sure that the hair looks like it’s flowing in a natural way. Take a look at how real life hair falls on someone’s head and try to replicate that in your drawing.

Now that we’ve covered thickness and direction, let’s move on to style. There are countless different styles that you can go for when drawing girl hair. It really depends on your personal preference and what kind of look you

1. Begin by sketching out the basic shape of the girl’s head. Include the hairline, ears, and neck.

2. Next, start to add the details of the face. Add the eyes, nose, and mouth.

3. Now it’s time to start working on the hair. Begin by adding in the basic shape of the hairstyle.

4. Once you have the basic shape down, start to fill in the details. Add in individual strands of hair, paying attention to how they flow and fall around the face.

5. Finally, add any finishing touches like highlights or shadows to give the hair more dimension and depth.

Let’s Start.. How to Draw Girl Hair

Step 1 Start by drawing the single strand of hair which is at the head.


Step 2 Now draw the scalp next.


Step 3 Continue with extending the hairs.


Step 4 Continue with extending the hairs.


Step 5 Now draw the font strands of hair.


Step 6 More hairs at front.


Step 7 Now draw the back hairs.


Step 8 Next, continue with back hairs.


Step 9 Continue with lower front hairs.


Step 10 Lower hairs next.


Step 11 Now draw the face.


Step 12 The drawing is complete.


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