How to Draw a Girl Face – Step by Step Guide

How to Draw a Girl Face

There are a few different ways to approach drawing a girl’s face. In this tutorial, we will show you how to sketch a basic face using simple shapes and lines. Once you have the basic outline of the face down, you can start adding in details like eyes, nose, and mouth.

To begin, sketch out a basic oval shape for the base of the girl’s face. The oval should be big enough to cover most of the head, but not so big that it becomes overwhelming. Next, add in some basic lines to create the outline of the eyes and nose. Use these lines as guides to help you further define these features later on.

Next, start to add in some more details around the eyes and nose. Add a line around each eye to create a crease and then sketch in a slight curve for the nose. Finally, add in some small details like lashes and eyebrows. Be sure to use light and delicate strokes when drawing these features; over-exuberance with your pencil can easily ruin your work.

Once all of the details are in place, it’s time to blend them all together using soft brush strokes. Start by blending the face.

Step 1


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