How to Draw a Simple Moth in Simple Step by step guide


Moths, which are nocturnal flying insects that look like butterflies, number around 160,000 species. They range in size from tiny diamonds with a wing span of a quarter of an inch (4 millimetres) to huge moths with wingspans of one foot (30 centimetres).

What distinguishes a moth from a butterfly? Butterfly activity occurs throughout the day, while moth activity occurs at night. Moths are frequently seen fluttering around lights.

Moths have fuzzy bodies, but butterflies have smooth bodies, which is another way to tell them apart. Last but not least, most butterflies have smooth club-shaped antennae, although many moths have thick or feather-shaped antennae.

The moth in this drawing instruction resembles the Cecropia moth, which has a wingspan of seven inches (18 centimetres) and is the largest in North America.

What if I told you that the majority of moths do not eat? The caterpillars, which are immature wingless moths, eat the leaves. The only purpose of adult moths is to produce the next generation.

When it comes to the Cecropia moth, this can lead to him becoming a spider’s dinner. The bolas spider has a fragrance similar to that of a female moth. This attracts the male, who gets caught by a sticky blob of his web!

Would you like to create a realistic moth cartoon? This easy-to-follow cartoon animal drawing lesson will show you how. All you’ll need is a sheet of paper and a pen, pencil, or marker. You could choose to colour your finished drawing as well.

Things required learning how to draw a simple moth.





Let’s learn how to draw a simple moth.

Step 1-Let’s start with the left upper wing.


Step 2-Now we will make the left lower wing of the butterfly.


Step 3-Now we will draw the right wings of the butterfly.


Step 4: Now we will draw the body of the butterfly.


Step 5-Draw a small cricle.


Step 6: Draw the antenna as shown in the image.


Step 7 -Draw some details on the wings.


Step 8 – Here the drawing is Ready.


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