Travellers and the Hatchet Story

Once upon a time, in a small village nestled amidst rolling green hills, there lived two friends named Raju and Ravi. They were known throughout the village for their deep bond and companionship. Raju was a tall and jovial fellow, always ready with a smile, while Ravi was calm and wise, known for his thoughtful words.

One sunny morning, Raju and Ravi set out on an adventure, exploring the countryside and enjoying each other’s company. As they walked along a dusty road, chatting and laughing, they suddenly noticed something glimmering under a bush.

Curiosity sparked in their eyes as they hurriedly approached the bush. To their surprise and delight, they discovered a shiny hatchet nestled among the leaves and twigs. Raju’s eyes widened with excitement as he picked up the hatchet, feeling a sense of joy and ownership.

“Oh! Look what I have found!” Raju exclaimed, his voice brimming with excitement. He twirled the hatchet in his hand, marveling at its gleaming blade. In that moment, he couldn’t help but feel a surge of pride, believing that he alone had stumbled upon this treasure.

However, Ravi, being a wise and thoughtful friend, reminded Raju to share the credit and be considerate. He said, “Don’t say ‘I,’ say ‘we.’ We have found the hatchet, my dear friend. Let us always remember the strength of our friendship and the importance of sharing.”

Raju hesitated for a moment, his face clouded with conflicting thoughts. He yearned to claim the hatchet as his own, wanting to be praised and admired by others. But deep down, he knew that Ravi’s words carried wisdom.

Reluctantly, Raju realized the value of his friend’s advice and nodded in agreement. “You’re right, Ravi. We have found the hatchet together,” he admitted, feeling a sense of unity and shared accomplishment.

But as they continued walking, Raju’s desire for personal recognition started to gnaw at him. He couldn’t shake off the feeling that he deserved all the credit for discovering the hatchet. The two friends soon found themselves engaged in a spirited debate, arguing about who truly deserved the praise and recognition.

Unbeknownst to them, a man was watching from a distance. This man happened to be the true owner of the hatchet. He had been searching high and low for it, his heart heavy with worry. When he saw Raju and Ravi arguing over the hatchet, he couldn’t contain his anger any longer.

Swiftly, he approached the two friends, his voice laced with frustration and accusation. “Thieves! So, you are the ones who took my hatchet!” he exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at them.

Raju and Ravi froze in shock, their faces turning pale. They exchanged glances, realizing the gravity of the situation. Raju’s heart sank as he understood the consequences of their argument and his refusal to share the credit with Ravi.

Alas, they had unwittingly invited trouble by their inability to put aside their egos and embrace the spirit of togetherness. Fear gripped Raju’s heart as he turned to Ravi with a worried expression. “Alas, we are now done for,” he said, his voice filled with regret and sadness.

But Ravi, with a calm and composed demeanor, responded, “Don’t say ‘we,’ say ‘I am done for.’ It was your greed that got us into this situation, my dear friend. We must face the consequences of our actions.”

As the owner of the hatchet approached them, anger etched on his face, Raju’s heart sank further. He realized the

 pain and disappointment he had caused Ravi, who had always been there to guide and support him.

Summoning his courage, Raju stepped forward and mustered the strength to speak. “Sir, please accept my sincere apologies,” he pleaded, his voice filled with remorse. “It was a moment of foolishness and selfishness on my part. Here is your hatchet, returned to its rightful owner. I am truly sorry for our mistake.”

The owner of the hatchet looked at Raju, his anger slowly subsiding as he noticed the genuine remorse in his eyes. Taking a deep breath, he nodded and accepted the hatchet, his voice softening. “I appreciate your honesty and apology. Let this be a lesson for you both to remember the value of honesty, humility, and sharing.”

With those words, the man turned and walked away, leaving Raju and Ravi standing there, their heads bowed in reflection. They had learned a valuable lesson that day, one that would shape their friendship and their understanding of the world.

Raju realized that his desire for personal recognition had led to their troubles. He realized the importance of humility and the power of shared experiences. Ravi, on the other hand, understood the significance of standing up for what is right, even when faced with the consequences.

From that day forward, Raju and Ravi’s friendship grew even stronger. They vowed to always share their fortunes, their joys, and their troubles. They understood that tough times didn’t build character but revealed it. They knew that the true strength of their friendship lay in their ability to stand together, support each other, and learn from their mistakes.

As they continued their journey, hand in hand, Raju and Ravi carried with them the wisdom gained from their encounter with the hatchet. They knew that life’s greatest treasures were not material possessions but the bonds of friendship, built on trust, understanding, and the willingness to share both joys and burdens.

And so, their story became a lesson for all, reminding everyone that in times of trouble, it is not our individual successes or possessions that matter, but the love and support we offer to one another. For it is in those moments that our true character shines bright, revealing the strength of our friendships and the depth of our hearts.

Moral of the story: Tough times do not build character; they reveal it.

Lesson from the story:

1. The importance of sharing: The story emphasizes the significance of sharing both good fortune and troubles with others. True friendship is built on the foundation of selflessness and support.

2. Humility and honesty: The story teaches us the value of humility and honesty. It reminds us that it is better to admit our mistakes and apologize sincerely rather than holding onto our pride and causing further harm.

3. Unity and togetherness: The story highlights the power of unity and togetherness. When we stand together, support one another, and share our burdens, we become stronger and can overcome any challenges that come our way.

4. The consequences of greed: The story warns against the negative consequences of greed. Raju’s desire for personal recognition led to troubles and strained their friendship. It serves as a reminder that self-centeredness can have detrimental effects on relationships.

5. True character is revealed in tough times: The story reminds us that tough times do not define us, but rather reveal our true character. It is during challenging moments that our integrity, humility, and willingness to share are put to the test.

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Hatchet FAQs

Ravi remained calm and composed when the owner of the hatchet accused them of stealing. He took responsibility for his friend's actions and reminded Raju to acknowledge his own role in the situation, teaching him a lesson about the consequences of greed.

Raju learned the importance of humility and the value of sharing. He realized that personal recognition and material possessions are not as significant as the bonds of friendship and the support we offer one another.

The encounter with the hatchet strengthened Raju and Ravi's friendship. They realized the importance of standing together, sharing both joys and burdens, and learning from their mistakes. Their bond grew deeper as they vowed to support and care for each other.

The moral of the story is that tough times do not build character; they reveal it. The challenges we face in life show our true nature, and it is through humility, honesty, and the willingness to share that we can navigate those tough times with grace and integrity.