10 Very Fun Games for Girls to Play and Pass Time Like a Pro!

Games for Girls

Are you looking for some fun ways to pass the time with your small girl? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of 10 exciting games that will have you and your friends laughing, bonding, and passing the time like pros.

Get ready to unleash your competitive side and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Dress up

There are lots of fun games for girls to play, but one of the most enjoyable is dressing up. Whether it’s playing dress-up with friends or trying on new outfits in front of a mirror, girls love to experiment with fashion.

 And there are plenty of ways to make dress-up even more fun. Here are a few ideas:

 • Organize a fashion show= Put together a runway and have each girl model her favorite outfit. Or create a makeshift catwalk by lining up chairs in a row and walking down the “aisle”.

 • Play paparazzi= Take turns being the celebrity and the photographer. The celebrity has to strike a pose while the photographer tries to get a good shot.

 • Have a fashion swap party= Invite your friends over and trade clothes with them. It’s like having a whole new wardrobe!

 • Give each other makeovers= Try out new hairstyles, makeup looks, or nail designs on each other.

Cookie bake off

Whether you’re looking for some fun games to play with your girl kid or just ways to pass the time, these ideas are sure to keep you entertained! And what could be more fun than a good old-fashioned cookie bake-off?

 Get your baking gear ready and preheat the oven, because it’s time to see who can make the best batch of cookies! You can either bake them from scratch or use a mix, but either way, you’ll need to put your spin on them.

Add some extra chocolate chips, swap out the vanilla extract for almond, or get creative with the shapes.

 Once they’re all baked and cooled, it’s time for the taste test. Invite everyone over and let them sample each of the cookies. They can vote for their favorite and at the end of the night, you’ll have a winner!

Not only is this a super fun activity, but you’ll also get to enjoy some delicious cookies in the process.


There are a lot of fun games for girls to play, but one of the most fun and challenging is the telephone game. This game can be played with two or more people, and it’s a great way to pass the time. Here’s how to play:

 Each person starts by whispering a message to the person next to them. Anything might be the message, but it must be simple to comprehend.

Once the message has been passed to everyone in the group, the last person announces what the original message was.This game is all about communication, so it’s important to pay attention to what each person is saying.

It can be easy to get confused, especially if there are a lot of people playing, but if you focus and listen carefully, you should be able to understand what’s being said.

 The telephone game is a great way to have some fun and test your communication skills. So get some friends and try it out!

Guess the singer

If you’re looking for a fun game to play with your friends, look no further than “Guess the Singer”! This game is perfect for any music lover and is sure to get everyone guessing.

 To play, simply choose a song and have each player take turns singing a line from it. The other players must then try to guess who the singer is. If they can’t guess correctly, they are out of the game. The last person standing wins!

 Not only is this game great for passing time, but it’s also a great way to test your knowledge of music. So put on your thinking cap and get ready to have some fun!

Blind makeover

Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or just want to have some fun, these games are perfect for girls of all ages. From makeovers to puzzle solving, there’s something for everyone.

 1. Blind makeover – This game is all about giving makeovers blindfolded. Players must use all of their intuition to figure out what clothes, accessories, and makeup will look best on their friends. See how well you can do with this fun challenge. 

 2. Dress-up race – Who can get dressed the fastest? In this game, players must race to put on as many different outfits as possible. The first player to finish wins the game! This is a great game for girls of all ages and can be played with any number of players. You’ll have to be quick on your feet with this one.

 3. Makeup artist – Can you apply makeup without being able to see it? It’s harder than it looks!

Truth or dare

A game that can be played with any number of people though is often more fun with more. One person starts by asking another player truth or dare.

The player must be truthful in their response if they select the option for truth. If the player chooses dare, they must complete the challenge given to them.

Never have I ever

 This is a game that can be played with any number of people and is often more fun when it’s played in groups. One person starts the game by saying “Never have I ever …” and then the others must offer up a confession.

 For example, “Never have I ever eaten a bug” or “Never have I ever kissed a zombie”. The game is over once everyone has taken a turn.


This game is perfect for a group of close friends. Take turns sharing juicy gossip about someone in the group. The best part is, you can make up the gossip if you don’t have any real dirt on someone!

 Would You Rather

This game is great for those long car rides or waiting in line. Ask each other wacky hypothetical questions and see how your friends would react in different situations.


  What’s more fun than a dark room? A dark room with a few friends, some giggles, and a flashlight! It is possible to play this traditional game with any number of players.

 One person is the ‘monster’ and must stay in the closet or under the bed. The other players are the ‘candles’ and must light a candle when they hear the monster coming.

The first player to light all the candles wins! The other players must find the monster in the dark and tag them. If you’re feeling extra brave, try playing in a pitch-black room!

 Food face race

The food face race is a fun game for girls to play and pass time like a pro! In this game, players must race to put together a face made out of food. The first player to put together their face wins the game!

This is a great game for girls of all ages and can be played with any number of players.


We hope this list of 10 fun games for girls has helped you find the perfect way to pass your time and have a blast while doing it. Whether you’re playing alone or with friends, these games can provide hours of entertainment, exercise your brain, and even help teach valuable skills. So what are you waiting for? 

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