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Cursed Nymphs

Cursed Nymphs | Podcast

Varga and four other Apsaras used to dance in the court of Indra. But all the gods were troubled by his mischief. When a young Brahmin was attempting to meditate near a lake at the pilgrimage site of Pancha-tirtha, they played a prank on him and broke his penance. Enraged, that Brahmin cursed those five laughing Apsaras and turned them into crocodiles!

Apsara immediately realized her mistake and understood that she had made a big one. She immediately fell at the feet of that Brahmin and started apologizing. Brahmin felt empathy when he saw her crying. The Brahmin said that if someone took her out of the lake in the future, she would be free from the curse.

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Immediately, those five Apsaras turned into five ugly crocodiles living in the depths of that lake. Now whenever a devotee entered the lake to take a bath or drink water, those five crocodiles would catch hold of him and drag him into the lake. People became afraid of the five crocodiles and stopped making pilgrimages to Panch-tirtha.

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One day Prince Arjuna, one of the five Pandavas, came there. When he tried to take a bath in the lake, those five crocodiles attacked him. Brave Arjuna tried hard to free himself, and finally, he tied himself and those crocodiles and brought them to the shore. As soon as the five crocodiles touched the shore, she turned into a beautiful Apsara!

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Arjun was amazed to see this. So Varga told Arjuna the story that had happened to her and left for heaven. In this way, the Apsaras were freed from the curse.

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