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A long time ago, Princess Sudakshina of Magadha was the wife and queen of King Dilip of Suryavansh. The king and queen were very upset because they had no children. The king and queen got a lot of treatment done and did a lot of worship, but it didn’t help. Then someone advised them to meet the sage Vashishtha, so they both came to his ashram to meet him and told him their problems and asked for advice.

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Vashishtha told the story behind Sudakshina’s inability to become a mother yet. Once, King Dilip traveled to heaven for some work and happened to pass by the venerable Caw Surbhi. King Dilip ignored Surabhi and moved ahead without paying respect to her. Angered by being ignored, Surbhi curses King Dilip to remain childless until he serves Surbhi’s daughter with all his heart and gives her due respect!

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Sage Vashishtha then told King Dilip and Queen Sudakshina that Surbhi’s daughter Nandini stayed in their ashram. He said, “Both of you serve her with all your hearts.” “If she becomes happy with your service, you will be blessed with a son.”

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The following day, Queen Sudakshina garlanded Nandini and worshipped her. Then King Dilip bathed Nandini with his hands and took her to graze. In the evening, Sudakshina waited for the cow, fed it with her hands, and slept only after the cow fell asleep.

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They both served Nandini with the utmost devotion and care. Because of this, Nandini was pleased with his services and allowed King Dilip to drink her milk. After drinking Nandini’s milk, King Dilip returned to his kingdom with his wife, and in due course, the queen gave birth to a heroic son named Raghu.

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