Short Story of Durvasa, Shakuntala and Dushyanta


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It is centuries old, and there used to be a mighty sage named Durvasa. He was notorious for his irritability and short temper; everyone feared him, and no one wanted to see him. Who knows when he will get angry and curse? Durvasa would drop by anywhere and at anyone’s house or function unannounced, and if he found any fault with his welcome, he would immediately curse his host.

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One day, while roaming around, Sage Durvasa suddenly reached Sage Kanva’s hermitage. He found a girl sitting at the entrance, lost in her own thoughts, and she didn’t even look at Sage Durvasa. She didn’t get up, bow to him, welcome him, or show respect. That girl was none other than Shakuntala, the adopted daughter of the sage Kanva.

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Sage Kanva was not in his ashram and had been away for some work. A few days back, King Dushyant reached the hermitage of Sage Kanva while hunting. At the same time, Shakuntala and King Dushyant both fell in love with each other. King Dushyanta marries Shakuntala as a Gandharva and leaves for his capital, promising to return and take her with him. Shakuntala used to think about King Dushyant all the time and used to wait for him. Shakuntala was lost in her thoughts! This was the reason why he did not welcome Durvasa upon his arrival.

But Durvasa felt insulted by this act of Shakuntala. He immediately cursed Shakuntala, “The one you are thinking about so much will forget you!”

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When King Dushyant did not come to meet and pick up Shakuntala for many days, Shakuntala went to King Dushyant. However, due to the curse, Dushyant refused to recognize Shakuntala in front of everyone. When Shakuntala returned to the ashram with a sad heart, she gave birth to a son. Later, that boy became known as the most glorious and brave king in history, Bharata. The name of India also came to be known by the name of this brave Bharata.

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