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Once upon a time, a very clever and evil jackal lived in a dense forest. All the animals living around him and even the other jackals of his caste were troubled by him; he was always gossiping with other animals, which would result in a fight between all the animals. He used to enjoy watching animals fight each other.

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Once, that jackal walked far away in search of food, and while walking in search of food, he reached a village; only then did he notice some chickens pecking at the grain. Seeing the chickens, the jackal’s mouth watered, and he rushed towards them to catch them. Among the chickens, he saw the jackal coming towards him and started running in all directions to save his life.

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The jackal kept running after the chickens for a long time. Then suddenly, the stray dogs of the village caught sight of the jackal. They followed him to kill the jackal. After seeing the dogs, the jackal’s life dried up, so forgetting his hunger and thirst, he ran wherever he could find a place to save himself.

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On this run, he reached the colony of dyers. In the middle of running, he kept turning back to see whether the dogs were still following him or had gone back.

Just then, the jackal’s leg hit a stone, and he fell into a pot full of paint. When he saw the dogs approaching, he dived into the pit to hide. The dogs search for the jackal for a while, and if they do not find it, they return to their respective places.

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After the dogs leave, the jackal comes out of the pit, starts running straight in the direction of the forest, and thinks that today he is about to die.

As soon as the jackal enters the forest, all the animals begin to flee in fear of seeing him. This surprises the jackal, who does not understand why all the animals are running away from him.

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Because of all this running, the jackal starts feeling thirsty and walks towards the river. As soon as the jackal reaches the river to drink water, all the animals present there begin running immediately after seeing the jackal.

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As soon as the jackal bent down to drink water from the river, he could see his reflection in the water; it had turned completely blue. He kept looking at himself for a while; he could not understand what was happening to him.

Only then did he have an idea; he quenched his thirst by quickly drinking water and walking towards the dense forest. Animals start running after seeing him. Then the jackal shouts, “Stop!” “If anyone tries to run after seeing me, I will burn them to ashes.”

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After hearing him, all the animals came to a halt and turned around to face the jackal. The jackal further said, “I am a messenger sent by God; God has sent me into this forest to save everyone.” After listening to him, they all started praising the blue jackal; the animals became very happy.

Seeing all this, the jackal becomes very happy and says, “You people made me the king of this jungle, and I will save you from all kinds of trouble.”

A messenger of God has come into the forest; this news soon spreads like fire in the whole forest. Within no time, all the forest animals gathered around the jackal.

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After a while, all of the forest’s powerful animals pile into a palanquin and transport the jackal to the forest’s highest hillock.

All the animals together made the jackal the king of the jungle; the most beautiful peacock fanned the jackal with his feather; the lion was his commander; the tiger was appointed his personal bodyguard, and the elephants were given responsibility for the protection of the jungle. 

The blue jackal ordered all the jackals to leave the forest; all the animals were stunned by his order. Then the blue jackal said that the gods consider jackals very bad and that calamities come in the forest due to their crying.

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After hearing about the blue jackal, all the animals beat up the jackals and chased them out of the forest. In fact, the blue jackal felt threatened by other jackals of his caste who thought they might know his secret and could tell everyone about him.

The blue jackal started spending his days lavishly; now, he was never short of food; lions and leopards were there to bring him hunting, and elephants used to get water for him in their trunks and give him a drink. All the animals always tried to keep the blue jackal happy. They used to think that if he were upset, they would have to face the anger of the gods.

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On the other hand, the jackals who were thrown out of the forest were very upset. Their house and everything were snatched away from them. On such a moonlit night, all the jackals meet on a mound and start cursing their fate; while talking like this, all the jackals start crying, and their cry starts echoing far and wide in the forest.

The jackals’ cries also reach the ears of the blue jackal, so, out of habit, he also joins in on those jackals’ cries and starts crying loudly.

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Seeing the rota of the jackal, all the animals understood that he was not the messenger of any deity but a jackal who had somehow turned blue.

All the lions, tigers, and panthers pounce on him together and finish his work.

Lesson from the story: We get the lesson from this story that we should not show our bigotry by telling lies because, one day, everyone will know the truth.

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