The William Shakespeare Encyclopaedia: His Life, Plays, and Books

The William Shakespeare Encyclopaedia

William Shakespeare was an accomplished poet, playwright, and actor. In addition to Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, and Othello, he wrote a number of other plays that are well known today. Moreover, he wrote a number of famous poems and books, including The Merchant of Venice and The Tempest, which are among his most famous works. 

William Shakespeare’s Early Life, Family Background, and Education

  1. William Shakespeare was born in Stratford-upon-Avon, England, on April 26th, 1564. He was the son of John Shakespeare and Judith Kemble. Shakespeare’s father, John Shakespeare, was well-off and had a prosperous business as a glove maker, a tanner, and a wool dealer.
  2. During his time at Eton, he studied law and humanities, before moving on to study at the University of Oxford to earn a degree in law. There, he became a student of William Cecil, the 1st Earl of Leicester.
  3. In 1582, when he was only 18, Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway, who gave him three children: Susanna (1583), Judith, and the Hamnet twins (1585).
  4. After completing his studies at Oxford, Shakespeare moved to London and started working as an actor at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. In spite of this, he left the Royal Academy and moved to Stratford upon Avon, where he began writing plays in his early twenties. He would continue writing plays until he died in 1616.
  5. The Bard had many influential friends, including Christopher Marlowe, Edmund Spenser, Ben Jonson, Thomas Wolsey, Oliver Cromwell, and John Lord Burleigh.

William Shakespeare’s Life and Work

William Shakespeare’s life started relatively lowly. He worked as a minor actor before starting to write plays. As a result, he became one of the most influential writers in English literature within a short period of time. A few of the works he has produced include the following

William Shakespeare’s Famous Plays and Books:

In 1592, William Shakespeare wrote his first play, The Taming of the Shrew.

In 1597, William Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet.

In 1602, William Shakespeare wrote Hamlet.

In 1611, William Shakespeare wrote The Tempest.

In 1605, William Shakespeare wrote The Merchant of Venice.

In 1605, William Shakespeare wrote “The Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

In 1606, William Shakespeare wrote King Lear.

In 1611, William Shakespeare wrote The Tempest.

William Shakespeare wrote Julius Caesar in 1599, one of his most iconic plays.

In 1600, William Shakespeare wrote Much Ado About Nothing.

In 1603, William Shakespeare wrote Othello.

In 1606, William Shakespeare wrote Macbeth.

In 1591, William Shakespeare wrote Richard III.

In 1597–1601, William Shakespeare wrote The Merry Wives of Windsor.

In 1593, William Shakespeare wrote Titus Andronicus.

In addition to writing plays and poetry, William Shakespeare composed music and acted in stage productions.

The Sonnets of William Shakespeare.

The Sonnets of William Shakespeare often called the “Wisdom of the Heart”, are a series of poems written by William Shakespeare. This set of poems was published between 1592 and 1616, and they are mainly concerned with the issues of love and loss, as well as other topics.

In the beginning, it was thought that the Sonnets were about a specific person. However, scholars now believe they are a general commentary on human nature and the search for love.

William Shakespeare was an actor and actor-manager.

Stratford-upon-Avon’s playhouse was the first place in which Shakespeare was registered as an actor in 1613. He continued to act there until he died in 1616. In the years that followed, he managed and performed his plays in various theatres around the country.

Despite the fact that Shakespeare is best known for his acting career, he was also a prolific playwright who wrote and produced plays himself. His most famous plays include Hamlet, Macbeth, The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet, Measure for Measure, Love’s Labour Lost, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

William Shakespeare’s Famous Quotes


1. “A play is a story told by a person, usually an actor, to entertain and educate the audience.”

2. “Theatre is the art of making people laugh.”

3. “One of the most meaningful things that theatre can do for our society is give us a sense of community and empathy.”

Why is William Shakespeare still influential and inspiring today?

As a result of his plays, poems, and books, William Shakespeare remains one of the most iconic and inspiring figures in history. His work has been loved by people of all ages and continues to be used in today’s society. People have been able to learn more about themselves and their world through his plays, poems, and books. Today, they are also popular because they are entertaining and they are easy to read.


He is still regarded as one of the most influential writers, actors, and poets of his time due to his writing, acting, and poetry. There is no doubt that he had a profound impact on the theatre world during his time as an actor and actor-manager. It is important to note that his work has been praised by many, and he remains an inspiration to all who have read or watched his works in the past.

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