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Tadka Short Story

Tadka Short Story | Podcast

In ancient times, there were two big cities where the Saryu River and the Ganga River met. There was a very dense forest near the same city where a beautiful Apsara named Tadka lived with her monster husband, Sund, and son, Marich.

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Sund was a cruel monster who devoured all the sages who worshipped in that forest. This act of his had made Sage Agastya very angry, due to which Agastya cursed the sage and ended Sunda. Hearing the news of her husband’s death, an angry Tadka attacked Agastya Rishi. Agastya also cursed Tadka, saying that he and Maricha would turn into cruel, flesh-eating monsters by losing their beautiful forms.

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Together, Taraka and his demon son Maricha ate everyone in the nearby cities and attacked the sages who lived in the nearby forests. When the sages performed Yagya, Tadka and Marich made a lot of noise and spoiled the performance. Rishi Vishwamitra could not tolerate this arrogance of his.

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He knew that Vishnu had come to earth in the form of Rama, the prince of Ayodhya.

Vishwamitra traveled to Ayodhya and brought Rama and his brother Lakshmana to protect the Sages and the Yagya.

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When Tadka again tried to trouble the Sages, the brothers fought fiercely with her. Tadka rained stones and rocks at them from behind the dust clouds. However, Rama’s arrows cut off his arms, Lakshmana’s arrows cut off Tadka’s nose, and finally, Rama’s arrow pierced his heart, and the sages got rid of Tadka forever.

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