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Once upon a time, there was a family named the Littles. This loving family was made up of Daddy Frederick, Mommy Eleanor, and a little boy named George. Their home was filled with love, but they felt something was missing. So, one sunny day, after waving goodbye to George at his school, they went to an orphanage with the hope of expanding their family.

At the orphanage, they were met with many adorable faces, all hoping for a loving home. The Littles were overwhelmed by the decision. It was then they met an extraordinary talking mouse named Stuart. Despite his small size, Stuart had a big heart and a spirit that filled the room. He had been at the orphanage longer than anyone else, waiting for someone to choose him. Seeing his determination and courage, the Littles felt a special connection and decided to adopt him.

When they arrived home, they introduced Stuart to their big white cat, Snowbell. Snowbell was shocked to see a mouse joining the family and even tried to eat Stuart, thinking him to be dinner. But the Littles quickly intervened, explaining to Snowbell that Stuart was their new son and not a meal. The introduction to George didn’t go as smoothly as they’d hoped. George was disappointed to see his new sibling was a mouse, which left Stuart feeling lonely and sad. However, Mommy and Daddy comforted Stuart, assuring him that George would come around.

In the following days, Stuart tried his best to fit in. He made attempts to befriend Snowbell, who merely tolerated his presence, and George, who remained indifferent. Amidst this struggle, Stuart discovered that George was building a boat for a town boat race but had given up due to fear of losing. Stuart, seeing an opportunity to bond, encouraged George to continue with the race, offering his help to finish the boat. This shared project brought them closer together, much to the delight of their parents.

On the day of the race, the whole family, including Snowbell, came to support George. The sight of their unity made Snowbell a bit jealous, making her feel left out. Meanwhile, George’s competitor, a notorious bully named Anton, tried to sabotage the other boats. Despite the challenges, Stuart showed remarkable courage and helped George win the race. This victory was a turning point in George’s relationship with Stuart, and he finally accepted Stuart as his brother.

After the race, a new challenge arose. A mouse couple appeared at the Little’s doorstep, claiming to be Stuart’s biological parents. They told a sad tale of poverty, explaining they had to leave Stuart at the orphanage. Now that their situation had improved, they wished to take Stuart back. It was a tough decision, but the Littles decided it was best for Stuart to go with them.

However, after Stuart left, Mrs Keeper, the in charge of the orphanage, visited the Littles and revealed the shocking truth: Stuart’s real parents had passed away a long time ago. Realizing that Stuart was in danger, the Littles, along with Snowbell, rushed to rescue him.

Meanwhile, Stuart faced his own set of challenges. The mouse couple had been lying about being his parents and Stuart had to escape from them. On his way back home, he encountered several mean cats who were intent on hurting him. With Snowbell’s unexpected help, he managed to outwit the cats and find his way home.

Upon Stuart’s return, the Little family was overjoyed. They welcomed him back with open arms, confirming that he truly belonged with them. Snowbell, too, had a change of heart and accepted Stuart as part of the family. From open heart and accepted Stuart as part of the family. From that day forward, the bond between them only grew stronger.

Stuart’s life was filled with exciting adventures and heartwarming moments. He went on many escapades, including flying an airplane, driving a tiny car around the city, and even rescuing a bird named Margalo from the clutches of a vicious falcon. These experiences taught him about courage, friendship, and the importance of family.

Margalo became Stuart’s closest friend. They spent countless hours together, sharing stories and creating memories. Their bond was so strong that when Margalo mysteriously disappeared, Stuart embarked on a daring mission to find her. He ventured into the unknown, faced numerous challenges, and ultimately found Margalo. Their reunion was touching, and it reaffirmed Stuart’s belief in friendship and loyalty.

Meanwhile, back at home, George was dealing with his own set of challenges. He was struggling with schoolwork and faced bullying from Anton. However, inspired by Stuart’s bravery and determination, George stood up to Anton and improved his grades. His transformation surprised everyone, and he credited Stuart for his newfound courage.

Snowbell also underwent a transformation. The once spoiled and self-centred cat grew to appreciate Stuart’s company and even protected him from other cats in the neighbourhood. Their relationship evolved from reluctant tolerance to genuine friendship.

Despite the initial challenges, Stuart’s adoption into the Little family brought joy, adventure, and an abundance of love. They learned from each other, grew together, and created a unique, loving family that transcended the boundaries of species and size.

The story of Stuart Little is a testament to the power of love, courage, and acceptance. It serves as a reminder that families come in all shapes and sizes, and that love is what truly makes a family. Despite being a tiny mouse in a big world, Stuart made a huge impact, proving that size does not determine one’s ability to love, make a difference, and belong.

From the day he was adopted, Stuart brought a special kind of magic to the Little family. He filled their home with laughter, their hearts with love, and their lives with unforgettable adventures. The tale of Stuart Little is more than just a story; it’s a celebration of love, family, and the amazing adventures that life can offer when you’re a little mouse in a big, big world.

Moral and Lesson from the story 

The story of Stuart Little offers several important morals and lessons:

  1. Family is about love, not appearances: The Little family adopted Stuart despite his being different from them in species and size. They loved and accepted him as part of their family, showing that love and acceptance are what truly defines a family, not appearances or biological ties.
  2. Courage comes in all sizes: Despite being a small mouse in a big world, Stuart demonstrated enormous courage. He faced various challenges and dangers, teaching us that size doesn’t determine bravery and that we all have the capacity to be courageous.
  3. Never give up: Stuart faced numerous obstacles, from fitting into a new family to dealing with hostile cats and finding his friend Margalo. Despite these, he never gave up. His perseverance is a lesson to keep pushing forward, no matter the difficulties we face.
  4. Friendship and loyalty are invaluable: Stuart formed a strong bond with Margalo, and when she was in danger, he didn’t hesitate to help. This showcases the importance of loyalty in friendships and the lengths we should go to for our friends.
  5. Everyone deserves respect: Even though Stuart was a mouse, he deserved the same respect and kindness as any other family member. This is a lesson in treating everyone with respect, regardless of their differences.
  6. Change is possible: Snowbell, initially antagonistic towards Stuart, eventually became a friend and protector. This shows that people (or in this case, cats) can change their attitudes and behaviors, offering a lesson in forgiveness and personal growth.

In essence, the story of Stuart Little is a celebration of love, acceptance, courage, perseverance, and friendship, offering valuable life lessons for children and adults alike.

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Stuart FAQ

The story is set in a charming, old-fashioned city, likely New York, and the Little family's warm and welcoming home. Some of the adventures take Stuart to various parts of the city and beyond, including a park, the river for the boat race, and the streets of the city when he goes looking for Margalo.

In the original book by E.B. White, Stuart is born to human parents and just happens to look very much like a mouse. However, in the film adaptation, which this story is based, Stuart is explicitly a mouse who is adopted by the Little family from an orphanage.

Stuart faces several challenges throughout the story. These include fitting into a human family as a mouse, dealing with Snowbell's initial hostility, and George's disappointment. He also faces physical dangers from cats, and emotional struggles when a couple falsely claims to be his biological parents.

The story of Stuart Little carries several morals, including that family is about love and acceptance, not appearances; courage can come in all sizes; never to give up despite obstacles; the importance of friendship and loyalty; the importance of treating everyone with respect, regardless of their differences; and that change is always possible.