The Little Prince Story


Once upon a time, high up in the farthest reaches of the cosmos, there existed a tiny celestial body, an asteroid named B612. This was not just any asteroid, but a home to a remarkable little boy known to us as the Little Prince.

The Little Prince was not an ordinary boy. He was the sole resident of his asteroid and took his responsibilities very seriously. He maintained his home with great care and dedication. This included the painstaking task of pulling out troublesome baobab tree roots that threatened to overrun his small world. He also made sure his three tiny volcanoes were always clean. Two of them were active, and while the third was extinct, he cleaned it anyway – you never know with volcanoes!

On this asteroid, besides the volcanoes and baobab sprouts, there was something that the Little Prince held very dear to his heart – a strikingly beautiful red rose. This rose was not just another flower; she was his friend, his confidante, and he loved her dearly. They would spend hours together, basking in the warmth of their asteroid’s meager sunlight.

However, as time passed, the rose began to demand more attention from the Little Prince. She would often ask, “Little Prince, why aren’t you taking care of me when I’m this beautiful?” The Little Prince found himself torn. He loved the rose, but he also had many other duties to fulfill on his asteroid.

One day, the Little Prince, feeling exhausted from the constant demands of the rose, decided to embark on a journey. Before he left, he ensured his beloved rose would not suffer in his absence. He carefully watered her and tenderly covered her with a glass case to protect her from the harsh elements. The rose acted strong, hiding her sadness as she bid him goodbye.

Thus, the Little Prince set off on his interplanetary adventure. His journey led him to various planets, each inhabited by a single adult, signifying different aspects of human nature.

His first stop was a planet ruled by a greedy king who desired to make the Little Prince his subject. The Little Prince found no joy in this and quickly left. On the second planet, he encountered a vain man who desired nothing more than applause and admiration. He humored the man for a bit, clapping his hands, but soon, this too became tiresome.

The third planet introduced him to a drunkard. The drunkard confessed that he was drinking to forget his shame, the shame that he was a drunkard. This circular logic baffled the Little Prince.

On the fourth planet, he met a businessman, so engrossed in his numbers and calculations that he had no time to admire the stars. The fifth planet was occupied by a lamplighter, who was devoted to his duty of lighting the street lamp, even if it meant he had no time for himself.

The sixth planet was the abode of a geographer. The geographer suggested to the Little Prince that he should visit Earth, as it was a well-known planet. Intrigued, the Little Prince decided to follow his advice.

Upon reaching Earth, the first creature he met was a mysterious yellow snake who informed him he was in a vast desert. The Little Prince took in the barren surroundings, the vast expanse of sand stretching out as far as the eye could see.

As he explored Earth further, he stumbled upon a garden brimming with roses. His heart sank as he realized his rose, whom he believed to be unique and extraordinary, was just one among many. His perception of his dear friend was shattered, leaving him feeling sad and betrayed.

Just as he was wallowing in his sadness, a fox appeared. The fox imparted a deep wisdom to the Little Prince, explaining that if the Little Prince

 tamed him, they would create a unique relationship, making each other special. The fox also taught him that one’s happiness begins a little before the expected joyful event.

Thinking about these words, the Little Prince realized the true value of his rose. She was indeed unique and special – not because she was the only rose in the universe, but because she was his rose, tamed by him, loved by him. It was a profound realization that reinstated his love for his rose.

The fox also shared a secret, “The essential things in life are not seen with the eyes but with the heart.” This valuable insight gave the Little Prince a new perspective on life and relationships.

Later in his journey, the Little Prince met a stranded pilot in the desert, busy fixing his broken plane. The Little Prince, fascinated by the pilot, asked him to draw a sheep. The pilot, taken aback, first drew a picture from his childhood, but the Little Prince insisted on a drawing of a sheep.

The pilot was thrilled that the Little Prince understood his drawing. He drew several versions of a sheep, but none seemed to satisfy the Little Prince. In the end, he drew a box and told the Little Prince that the sheep was inside. This pleased the Little Prince, who accepted the drawing, displaying his imaginative and innocent nature.

Together, they embarked on a quest to find a well. When they finally found it, the Little Prince was awestruck by the sight, realizing that the beauty of the desert was because it hid a well somewhere within it.

However, the time soon came for the Little Prince to return to his asteroid. He reassured the pilot that they would always be together, instructing him to look at the stars whenever he missed him.

Just as he was about to depart, the yellow snake reappeared and bit him. The Little Prince, weakened by the bite, gradually faded away, eventually disappearing, leaving the pilot alone with his memories of the remarkable boy from asteroid B612.

The poignant story of the Little Prince serves as a timeless reminder to us all. It teaches us to look beyond the surface, appreciate the beauty in the small things, and most importantly, to understand that the most significant things in life can’t be seen with the eyes but felt with the heart.

Moral and Lesson from the story

The story of the Little Prince is rich in life lessons and morals, suitable for readers of all ages. Here are some key takeaways from this timeless tale:

  1. The Importance of Relationships: The Little Prince values his relationship with the rose, showing us that personal relationships and emotional connections are what truly make us unique. It’s not about how many friends or possessions we have, but the depth and quality of our relationships that matter.
  2. Look Beyond the Surface: The Little Prince teaches us not to judge by appearances. The rose on his asteroid is no different from the many roses on Earth on the surface, but because of the emotional bond he shares with her, she is unique and precious to him. This teaches us to value the unseen, emotional aspects of our relationships over superficial qualities.
  3. Responsibility: When the Little Prince decides to tame the fox, the fox tells him about the responsibility that comes with relationships. If you choose to connect with someone and make them special, you are also making a commitment to them. This is a powerful message about understanding and honoring our responsibilities towards those we care about.
  4. Valuing Time: The fox tells the Little Prince that the time you spend on someone or something is what makes it important. This is a crucial lesson about the value of time and how we choose to spend it.
  5. Understanding Others: Through his encounters with various adults, the Little Prince learns about the absurdities of adult behavior and the importance of understanding and empathy. He realizes that everyone has their own stories and struggles, and it’s crucial to approach others with understanding and kindness.
  6. The Beauty of Simplicity: The Little Prince’s story is a reminder of the beauty and joy in simplicity. As we grow up, we often lose sight of this, getting lost in complexities and missing out on the simple pleasures of life.
  7. The True Essence of Life: Finally, the story teaches us that the essence of life is not in materialistic achievements or superficial appearances but in love, relationships, and the way we touch the lives of others. It’s a reminder to look beyond what our eyes can see and to feel with our hearts.

In essence, the story of the Little Prince is a touching exploration of friendship, love, responsibility, and the complexity of human nature. It gently nudges us to keep our inner child alive and view the world with a lens of wonder and humility.

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Prince FAQ

The rose is a symbol of love and responsibility in the story. The Little Prince cares deeply for the rose on his asteroid, showing his ability to form emotional connections. The rose teaches him about the unique value of personal relationships.

The fox teaches the Little Prince about the importance of taming, or forming bonds with others, and how this makes someone unique and special to you. The fox also shares a secret: "The essential things in life are not seen with the eyes but with the heart."

On his journey, the Little Prince encounters different types of adults and through these interactions, he learns about the absurdities of adult behavior. He learns to value emotional bonds over superficial qualities and the importance of understanding and empathy.

The story teaches us about the value of personal relationships, the importance of looking beyond the surface, understanding the responsibilities that come with relationships, and valuing time. It also emphasizes the beauty of simplicity and the true essence of life, which is not seen with the eyes but felt with the heart.